>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

A reader of this blog from the Philippines recently checked out and downloaded images on Total Net Research. While a reader from Kiev, was checking for photo of Yuriy and Olga Mizyuk which may have been posted here. 

We know who you are.


Yuriy Mizyuk and company

>> Saturday, February 4, 2012

You kicked the wrong beehive!


Swindling defined. . .

>> Friday, February 3, 2012

Response to a reader's inquiry:

Taking the property belonging to another through false pretenses; to practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property.

Writers have been swindled of the fees they already have earned 

A) through deductions based on fictitious complaints of clients, falsified and fabricated plagiarism reports, bloated amount/rate for transfer fees of writers' fees to their respective banks
B) withholding of fees by blocking these writers from accessing their accounts at the website.

He was already allegedly deported by the U.S. government by reason of his illegal acts--he also did it in the Philippines.

His cohorts can easily be impleaded, i.e. American partner, Ukrainian staff members, Filipino officers, etc. Any judgment can be endorsed to INTERPOL and the FBI for execution and implementation.



>> Monday, January 23, 2012

A criminal complaint has been filed for swindling in the Philippines.

Perhaps your cohorts can join you now.

Is this not similar to the U.S. conviction as one of the grounds for the alleged deportation?


Where to?

>> Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where can this lead? 

 See you in jail!

I will even have your cohorts join you.


MORE to Come

How about criminal prosecution and the INTERPOL? 

  we are not done yet.

Coming right up!


Universal Research Inc. Limited in UK

>> Friday, November 4, 2011

The corporate registration of Universal Research Inc. Limited of UK under Company No. 06455332 with the UK Companies House was proposed to be struck off pursuant to Sec. 1000 of the Companies Act 2006

“Companies Act 2006 Section 1000: Power to strike off company not carrying on business or in operation

  1. If the registrar has reasonable cause to believe that a company is not carrying on business or in operation, the registrar may send to the company by post a letter inquiring whether the company is carrying on business or in operation.”
It has been a dormant company and not carrying on business/not in operation.
The proposal to strike off was suspended either: 1) creditors oppose (they need payment of what was owed) and/or  2)HMRC is after being paid taxes. 

While on suspension, penalties are continuously imposed –Accounts are OVERDUE. Under the law Yuriy, the director is liable. If we are not mistaken, you are the only director.


Eugene M

>> Thursday, November 3, 2011

What brings you to this blog? That IP has been used several times allegedly by scammers on RS.


Misrepresentation, Fraud and Falsification

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

Serious offenses stated in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission Decision.

We are not quite done yet.


"Watch Listing of Yuriy Mizyuk and others and the Revocation of the Registration of Uniwork, Inc. (in the Philippines) for Fraud and Falsification . . . " Read the Decision of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission

>> Friday, September 23, 2011


Source: Official Website of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

So it goes without saying that Mizyuk's Investor's visa is also revoked and he is barred from doing business in the
Philippines ? 

So he is no longer allowed entry in the Philippines? What has the Immigration Department have to say in an alleged deportation proceedings?

History repeats itself . . . the United States before and now in the Philippines. Mizyuk never learned his lesson.


A new company?

>> Thursday, May 5, 2011

Total Net Research has emerged and located in the same address--17th floor Unit C Burgundy Corporate Tower 252 Gil Puyat Makati, Philippines.

names change . . . entities change but is it not the same? even trackur tracking


Tracking Your Online Reputation?

>> Saturday, April 30, 2011

So VOKS of Kiev, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine IP is "trackur" tracking Yuriy's business online reputation . . .I know your IP.

Are you still doing business in the essay writing and research or have substituted/replaced your name with someone else? We know the truth! 


Oleg Vorobev and MightyStudents[.]com: MightyStudents is Where the research papers, term papers, thesis, etc. You Ordered and Paid For ARE RESOLD!

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

The domain of MightyStudents[dot]com is now reassigned and registered under the name of Oleg Vorobev on 01 April 2010. See Image below:

Oleg Vorobev's address as stated is 320 Rocky Run Parkway 24, Wilmington, Delaware 19803. This address is the Courtyard Wilmington Brandywine--a hotel. See image below:

It may be recalled that Vorobev is the director of Universal Research Inc. as registered in the Virginia State of Corporation Commission. See image below:

Based on court records in Virginia, a judgment was rendered against him on 29 June 2010 for more than $2,000 plus 6% interest from June 2010. He failed to show up; a warrant in debt was issued.

Don't we see a pattern here: the Yuriy Mizyuk pattern. Register a corporation or LLC, take random addresses for domain registration of the essay websites and its office addresses, borrow money, refuse to pay writers because of altered plagiarism reports, fictitious and fabricated complaints of customers, accountant's or banks,' paypal's failure and pay no taxes, etc. 
 hide, hide once complaints and cases are filed. Securing money of others through deceit and misrepresentation . . . 

I wonder what happened to an alleged American partner, Kevin. 
Well, documents and complaints have been forwarded to the US DOJ, IRS, Federal Trade Commission and other departments.


Visitors--VOKS, Eastern and a whole lot more

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

ISPs are easily identifiable, Yuriy. Globe Innove=Speakeasy


Yuriy Mizyuk Fraudulently Used URIINC or Universal Research Inc. of Delaware in the Registration of Domains

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As was discussed previously in the blog, URIINC. is Uranium Resources, Inc. which has nothing to do with Mizyuk and his notorious essay websites. What is specified only is URIINC. The address provided at 910 Foulk Road, "Suite 203" Wilmington, Delaware 19803 is FALSE. There is no Suite 203! There are only two suites thereat: 200 and 201. Suite 200 is occupied by a law office and Suite 201 is occupied by Corporations and Companies Inc. and this was confirmed by a Director of said entity.

NOW, after further investigation--domain registration of his other websites reveal that URIINC is also Universal Research Inc. in Delaware. For instance, the domain registration of notorious website superiorpapers[.]net Yuriy Mizyuk specified that URIINC is Universal Research Inc. See image below:

Based on Division of Corporations of the State of Delaware: Search entity--Universal Research Inc. See below:

But this Universal Research Incorporated is located in 1209 North Orange St. Wilmington, Delaware 19801 and not as he claimed at 910 Foulk Road. This was incorporated on April 20, 1987 in Florida and is currently NOT ACTIVE.
From the Division of Corporations Delaware:

And its officer was Patrellis, A. J. Based on the database of the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, Universal Research Incorporated was revoked in 1997.

So Yuriy, stop fraudulently using revoked corporation's name in the domain registry to avoid detection. No matter how you hide from your creditors, the courts will always render judgment against you even if you are not physically present in the US and can never go back there.
Why can you not be content with your own Universal Research Inc/LLC which you have created. Does it follow you now like a bad curse?

Is this a business you can trust and put your money in? Is this the man you will trust after cheating his writers of their earned fees? Based on records, US convicted and deported this man but he continues to deceive and misrepresent to obtain money from unsuspecting people.
So what will it be next time, Yuriy?


False Pretense . . .Calculated to Mislead = Yuriy Mizyuk+ EssayWriters[dot]Net

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yuriy Mizyuk initially has his websites', i.e. essaywriters[dot]net; superiorpapers[dot]com; bestessays; wisetranslations, essayontime; rushessays[dot]net;; etc. domain registration placed under his name. He later reassigned it to Universal Research LLC and after Universal Research LLC's registration was canceled by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission in December 2007, websites' domain registration was reassigned to Uniwork, Inc. (his company in the Philippines). See "The Exodus."

After Mizyuk's varied acts and business practices of misrepresentation and alleged fraudulent schemes of cheating the websites' writers of their hard earned fees were EXPOSED by the subsequent filing complaints of aggrieved parties in the different departments in countries like the U.S., i.e. FBI, IC3, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. DOJ, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), State of Virginia Attorney General's Office and the CyberCrime Division, the Philippines for removal proceedings; he reassigned (again) the domain registration of the websites to Universal Research Inc. (a company registered under Oleg Vorobev per Virginia State of Corporation Commission database.

On 16 October 2009 the domain registration of his websites were reassigned to URIINC. Per Net Who Is domain registration URIINC's address is at 910 Foulk Road, Suite 203, Wilmington, Delaware 19803.

For instance for EssayWriters dot Net, see webscreen shot below:

URIINC based on Delaware Department of State Division of Corporations is located at Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange Street, New Castle County, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Its registered agent is Corporation Trust Company. See below:

Based on google search "URIINC Wilmington Delaware" shows that it is Uranium Resources Inc. located at the address in Orange street (registered agent) and a Texas main Office.

And in another website for domain information, it is clearly specified that EssayWriters dot net website organization is URIINC with link that prompts you to manta business listing of Uranium Resources Inc. See below:

Obviously, URIINC is something that Yuriy just picked out of the blue to use as the company associated with his websites, i.e. essaywriters dot net.

So what entity is on 910 Foulk Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19803? Answer: Corporations and Companies Inc.

But according to the officer of Corporations and Companies Inc. they occupy Suite 201 and not 203. Only Suites 200 and 201 are found in the building. "Suite 203" is
See below email:

Again the address 910 Foulk Road, "Suite 203" Wilmington, Delaware 19803 is something Yuriy picked out of the blue. A product of his deceptive trickery.

Now why go to this extent of convoluted web of lies, misrepresentation, and false pretense?

There is a need to make it appear that business is located in the US because clients are mostly from US but he cannot legally put his name in any corporation or entity formed or incorporated in the US because:

a) of pending lawsuits;
b) he is not physically present in the US and cannot legally re-enter;
c) he is barred from engaging in any business in the US in 2003 considering the alleged removal proceedings/deportation he underwent due to criminal record as per verifications made, one of which is by a poster.

It is easier to make a whopping profit by cheating writers of their fees. Even when they complain about being cheated, he simply destroys evidence by manipulating the websites to make it appear that a) there were complaints by clients which are actually fabricated complaints; b) he alters plagiarism reports; c) alters Earnings Report page; d) deactivates the account of the writer , etc. etc.

With false pretenses and misrepresentation regarding principal place of business, he can easily hide from those he deceived (complainants) and abscond from his creditors, thus evading liability. The spider in his web of lies despise the light of truth.

Derives extreme pleasure in cheating everyone--that way, he feels above the rest of us and above the law.

Albeit compassion may be available to those who have wronged the society; justice and punishment awaits those who are recidivists.


Birthday next day, what is so happy about it?

>> Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nothing but LIE and false pretense (deception) in Flesh-and-Bone.
soon justice will be served. . .



>> Monday, August 16, 2010

Is this your new IP, Yuriy? It actually has been spotted promoting essayontime which is under URI Inc. URI = Yuriy

not so fast . . . not done with you yet. the big surprise is yet to come!

By the way, your proxy-aol is a constant visitor but not a reader!


“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

>> Monday, August 9, 2010

not so fast . . . with you Yuriy comes all others who are implicated.


What is in the name?

>> Monday, August 2, 2010

A poster informed: "Oh, and the office is as bad as they say. but that was before, they have changed locations and has changed their company name to Total Net Research and Marketing, Inc. so beware!!"
Quite a good read, I must say.

and a few ads showing the same address at Burgundy:

and from a staff:

but why is it still not registered in the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission?

Well, maybe a delay in updating the Philippine SEC website.
Yuriy, oh me, oh my !!


Alleged Deportation

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

"Obtaining property belonging to a third person under false pretense" is this not swindling?


and so it continues . . .

>> Saturday, May 8, 2010

His staffs changed and made private their social networking accounts but photos had been previously sent to the INTERPOL and FBI. Nikita, Marina, Kev, Alyonna, Margayta, Lance, now, Marian, how are all of you doing?

I am glad to inform that officials from universities as well as governments from US and UK have frequented this blog. The constant visitors from Ukraine, Nigeria, and Virginia are just amazing. We also noticed that profiles and articles have been posted under his name thereby seemingly diluting the search words: his name and the alleged scams that go with it. A real exhaustive researcher-writer would not miss the numerous real and actual write ups on non payment of writers and the alleged fraud perpetuated by the group.

We all have observed how the websites have deleted the office addresses and how the domains were reassigned to an alleged company in Delaware. URIINC in Wilmington, Delaware has nothing to do with research writing.

So the spider retreated . . . but we are not done yet.


More complaints . . .

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

Recently, "One of the victimized service provider, Word Impact Info Service, already filed complaints with the Philippines Department Of Trade And Industry (DTI) to investigate this online writing scam."
And another complaint with web screen shots

The UK registered Universal Research Inc. Limited that used to be stated in the websites: Killer-content and bestessays (formerly www.bestessays dot com dot uk; now, dot com) has changed its registered address to: 11 LANCING HOUSE HALLAM CLOSE WATFORD HERTS UNITED KINGDOM WD24 4RL; declared its statement of capital as 100GBP (1 British pound = 1.53900 U.S. dollars) or USD 153.90; change of particulars of director, with Mizyuk stating his nationality: Ukrainian and the Country he is usually a resident of: Cyprus. These were all filed in March 2010. All this information was merely reiterated as it was contained in the corporate papers when it was initially filed. Universal Research Inc. Limited remains to be a dormant company per the official website of the UK Companies House.
Upon verification, the registered address houses three more companies.

The URIInc in Delaware has nothing to do with essay writing. Why were all the domains reassigned to URIInc. in the domain registry in October 2009 BUT the address, 910 Foulk Road, Suite 203 Wilmington Delaware is not even the office address of URIINc.

The name "Universal Research Inc." seems to be also notorious for lottery fraud.

This blog welcomes visitors from Afrinic and Nigeria (and Ukraine). The IPs have all been sent to the FBI.

have set up a new company to cover identity?


Universal Research Inc.

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

Universal Research Inc. is delinquent in its payment. Perhaps soon it will suffer the same fate as Universal Research LLC when its registration was automatically canceled by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission.

Universal Research Inc. Ltd. registered with the Companies House UK is now a dormant company.

To the retired attorney who wrote to me: Thank you. You may desire to furnish Va Governor Tim Kaine and incoming Governor Bob McDonnell with what you have. Bob was a former Attorney General for Va.

You may also forward the information to the FBI's IC3 and the INTERPOL Washington.


Just recently . . .

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

The NetWhoIs registrations of the subject websites are again reassigned on 16 October 2009 to URIINC. of Delaware.

Upon verification from the Department of State of Delaware: Division of Corporations, URI Inc. is registered since 18 November 1987 as shown below:

We cannot locate the address 910 Foulk Road, Suite 203 Wilmington, Delaware as specified in the NetWhoIs registration. The suites found at Foulk Road are for dentists and pediatricians.

To the consumer advocates, time to call URI Inc. to find out the truth.

Do you really think that you can escape the possibility of liability by transferring and reassigning by the simple expediency of deleting your name on registrations as well as the bogus addresses on the websites.

We have heard that you have a pending case for your ouster.

The corporation registered in the UK, Universal Research Inc. Ltd. is now dormant per Companies House records.


Thank you

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

To those who have written to me, thank you so much. Please check out the list of authorities (and links) which I mentioned in one of the posts.

There are pending investigations and cases against the culprits.

For the U.S. --File your complaints and submit your evidence to the U.S. DOJ, the IRS, the Office of Attorney General in Virginia, the FBI specifically the IC3, the Washington INTERPOL or its head office in France.
(I have forwarded numerous complaints to them with attached evidence).

For the Philippines--Contact the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, the Philippine Senate (to move them into investigating in aid of legislation), the National Bureau of Investigation (FBI's counterpart) specifically the Anti Fraud Division, the Bureau of Immigrations (for deportation and cancellation of visa), and the Department of Justice.

For Ukraine--the Prosecutor's Office and the INTERPOL.

Thanks to the students and officials of the different universities and colleges who have read the posts and articles as well as those who have written to me. I shall forward all your comments and requests, evidence and complaints to the proper authorities.

Justice will be served soon.


More to Come

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letters have been sent to the US, UK and Philippine authorities as well as the legislators for a top-to-bottom investigation of possible violations.

We will not cease, Yuriy. Complaints will be sent to Ukraine authorities soon. Not to worry, the complaints have been translated in your mother tongue.


Thank you very much CNN!

>> Friday, September 4, 2009

The CNN feature story in video showed the residential home of Victor Guevarra at 1361 Icy Brook Dr. Herndon, VA, 20170--the very same address posted at the website before it was deleted this early June because of the series of the ongoing investigations. CNN interviewed the owner of the residence himself. This is a confirmation of the articles contained in this blog, online articles of others and the results of the consumer advocates' own investigations.

The CNN blog f
urther mentioned and provided a link to this blog, "one blog has become a place for writers to read about and exchange information on companies that sell research papers."

Another confirmation that writers from the different countries have been writing to me with their evidence.

Many many thanks CNN.

This is only the start . . .so please READ on.


CNN Feature Report

Awaiting the moment . . .featuring . . . showing soon. of Ukraine reader, anything interesting to you in the blog? Is this the new ISP replacing the other as featured in this blog?


Personal anecdotes

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

The poster at the message forum insists on personal anecdotes. Of course, CNN would like to know the personal experiences of writers and customers of This establishes the business practices of and its treatment of its writers and customers. Many of those have written to me and have given their details. It was just a matter of hooking them up with CNN. On the other hand, the different government departments both in US, Philippines and UK would establish the complaints they have received, how the business is set up based on registration, taxes, business licenses, etc. which is the legitimacy or the illegitimacy of its operations.

I have a strong feeling that abhor the press' particular interest in them. The issues that have been raised are impressed with deep public interest.

I wonder however, what had happened to another poster's post:
" as well as other multiple other similar sites are SCAMS and as someone else stated, run by Ukrainians (Yuri Mizyuk and Olga Mizyuk, mother and son). He was deported to Ukraine a few years ago for credit card fraud; Olga may still be in the US. It is a very elaborate scam, "

And I wonder why a Ukrainian poster at another message forum had this to say:

So what was the experience of 2004 that may not have taught them a lesson ? Was it in 2004? I will pitch in a wild guess--in 2003.

And if allegedly it was fraud before 2003 that caused the alleged deportation; I do not think that it is surprising to read about the numerous writers during a span of years from 2006 to have complained about their writers' account being blocked when they have fees to receive; or the alleged fabricated complaints of customers and other lame excuses not to pay the fees already earned.


Links vs. Resource Persons

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

For the poster at a message forum:

I have spoken to CNN referred to and have forwarded the necessary documentation. Moreover, they also have visited the blog numerous times.

I suggested further that they contact the Commonwealth of Virginia Governor, the Va Attorney General's Office, the FBI, the FTC, US DOJ, the Va State of Corporation Commission, INTERPOL, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Bureau of Investigations and the Philippine Bureau of Immigrations.

I can still push this farther, Yuriy.

Read more...'s Transfer of Ownership?

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A legitimate American writer of Essaywriters wrote to me and with the writer's permission . . .
This is a part of the email emanating from on 17 July 2009,

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the ownership of our company. As you are a valued Sub-Contractor and not an Employee; you understand that the nature of our partnership is defined as: you are paid for individual orders you complete and we ask nothing else of you but quality writing. As part of this agreement your only responsibility is to accept those orders or deny orders, complete them by the deadline and be compensated provided that your work meets our quality standards.

The ownership of the company is not held by a single individual but a group of investors who has not yet chosen a managing director and due to our privacy policies we do not disclose any information regarding the names of those individuals, our writers or our customers. The change of ownership does not affect any of your duties as a Sub-Contractor or your daily activities as a writer. The same privacy policy is used to ensure that your personal information it is protected and secure at all times. As soon as the new managing director is approved we will make that information available and rest assured knowing that we are in full compliance with all relevant regulations that apply to Sub-Contractor agreements. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to a productive year together.

Thank you for your cooperation

XXX (name)
Legal Department"

IMPORTANT Facts to Note:

From what I have studied, this is what US laws say about privacy:

"Businesses have no right of privacy. California Bankers Ass'n v. Schultz, 416 U.S. 21, 65 (1974); U.S. v. Morton Salt Co., 338 U.S. 632, 652 (1950); Restatement (Second) Torts, §652I, comment c (1977); Prosser, Privacy, 48 Calif. L.Rev. 383, 408-09 (1960); Am.Jur.2d Constitutional Law § 606 (1979). Privacy law is phrased only as an individual person's rights."

A poster at posted a message stating that the transfer of ownership was effected from Mizyuk on 01 May 2009. This claim of will be belied later on.

Besides, Universal Research Inc. still has Oleg Vorobev as its sole director. So what group of investors? The Code of Virginia or for that matter US corporation laws require disclosure of directors to be stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Writers from all over have joined together. Thank you for your support.

To the other writers, make your decision: if you have not been paid your fees and they make an offer--Refuse. Think of the many who were not paid--and those in the future who will be exploited.This practice has to end. No 'damage control' anymore.

The fees offered is the very pain and anguish of sleepless nights of research, writing and anticipation of another writer/s like you. It is your choice.


US Press Reports: CNN anyone?

Everyone including those who were allegedly defrauded, are hopeful that the press, i.e. broadcast or print media can cover the entire story with fairness and clarity--regardless of the nationality of the clients and the writers.

The issues obtaining in this case do not affect Americans alone. To think this way would be myopic and unfair for those who have engaged in time-consuming and resource-draining investigation which was done for the benefit and the vindication of ALL and EVERYONE--writers, customers, the governments of the different countries, and the advocates

The Truth repels the alleged threats, harassment or bribes.


The Worst Nightmare Will Not Go Away

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

It is just Truth chasing after you . . .

There had been 'face lifts' of the more notorious w
ebsites by modification of Contact Us Pages. Killer Content website used to have the 'Contacts' page as:

Killer content has changed its Contacts Page recently. The reference to Universal Research Inc. Ltd (UK limited liability company registered under the name of Yuriy Mizyuk) and address at 19 Cardinal Avenue Borehamwood Hertfordshire, UK WD6 1EN were deleted and now it specifies Universal Research Inc. with address at 4114 Hamlin Ave., Chantilly Va 29151 USA.

This Chantilly address is registered under the name of Valeri Ermakov in the Fairfax County Real Estate Tax Administration
database But Universal Research Inc. is registered under the name of a sole director--Oleg Vorobev.

2-Pay_secure website used to specify a Contact Us Page where it indicated the address, 19 Cardinal Avenue Borehamwood Hertfordshire, UK WD6 1EN.

Now, the website has been modified and its Contact Us Page deleted.

And with its Icy Brook Herndon address:

The website was recently modified. The Icy Brook Herndon, Virginia address was deleted and only the email address is indicated now. website's Contacts page was also modified, deleting the physical address stated.

The company referred to in the website, TopMerchants was 2 Pay Secure LLC. The very same limited liability company which registered its domain and when it's registration was cancelled by the State of Nevada, it was transferred to Universal Research Inc. = Universal Research LLC = 2 Pay Secure LLC = Universal Research Inc. = Universal Research Inc. Ltd. = Uniwork, Inc. = Yuriy Mizyuk

So what do you seek to achieve by all these 'face lifts' ? Do you honestly believe that by modifying, deleting and removing all traces, indication and significant evidence of alleged violations; you are obliterating the possible liabilities? Is that the reason why Internet Archives had been blocked by robot.txt file?

I still have five more cards to play and I know how to play it right and truthfully.

Admit the entire Truth and perhaps there may be less collateral damage.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear" (Ambrose Redmoon).

'Coward: One who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs" (Bierce).



The website cannot be accessed at this time. Upgrading or eliminating evidence?



>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

General Prosecutor's Office in Ukraine (General'na prokuratura Ukrayini)
Address: 01011, KYIV, Riznic'ka vul., 13/15
Phone: (044) 2007662
Fax: (0652) 518436

Remember: There is a “Treaty between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.”

To the aggrieved parties, contact the U.S. Department of Justice or the Attorney General's Office.


Lies . . .

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

“The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society. (Emerson)

Wikimedia Commons

and who said that lying and stealing are next door neighbors. Liars and thieves rot in jail.

Ah, conspiracy of lies . . .

Read more... Reader

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

A voracious reader from and meebo who seems to be so concerned about the corporation incorporated in the Philippines. Is this one of your Internet Service Providers?
Regular blog visitors for hours, i.e. more than 5 hours--GUTRADE.KIEV.UA
mysterious liaison with Fiber City? another ISP from the Philippines . . . besides Globequest.

Too late to hide the evidence. Everyone knows the rotten style of: "when found out and exposed" websites are modified; contents deleted. Similarly, when one does not want to pay the writers their hard earned fees, all one has to do is block and deactivate their accounts.

Shall I post the more substantial evidence?

The office addresses specified on the websites of Essaywriters dot net and Best Essays dot co dot uk were deleted and taken out this early June. The MORE one hides truth; the more it shall be exposed.

The truth brings consequent justice.

(More deletions raised in a public forum--great contributions made by consumer advocates confirmed.


Guilty or Not Guilty

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Bringing Fraud (AGAIN) to the Bar of Justice
Seventh of the Series

(with selected images of cases filed and terminated with judgment of courts)

UPDATE: After this article was written and published, the websites' Contact Us pages of EssayWriters dot net and bestessays dot co dot uk were MODIFIED. Yuriy Mizyuk and his staffs deleted the addresses specified, i.e. 1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170 (for essaywriters) and 54 W. MARKETGAIT DUNDEE DD1 1NJ UK (for bestessays dot co dot uk). This may be construed as evidence of guilt. The reason for one to take out and hide/delete evidences within one's control is when they tend to be incriminatory in plain view. The MORE one hides and perverts the TRUTH; the MORE it shall be EXPOSED.

Fraud or No Fraud

In general, fraud is defined as "an intentional misrepresentation of material existing fact made by one person to another with knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage"

Tax fraud is an intentional violation "legal duty to voluntarily file income tax returns and/or pay the accurate amount of income, employment and excise taxes that you owe." The following acts are held to be constituting tax fraud, i.e. "claiming false deductions, concealing or transferring assets or income, knowingly changing your income, over reporting the amount of deductions, possessing two set of books, recording personal expenses as business expenses, and using false amounts in books and records." Tax evasion is tax fraud. It is a felony/crime. Illegal means are employed so that one will not have to pay taxes at all.

When taxes are not paid properly; the economy suffers and we all suffer. The economy and the society is overburdened with deficits and debts to be discharged. These deficits translate to tighter government spending and consequently would mean lesser social ameliorating programs for the poor. In other words, we carry the burden of those who evade payment of taxes and since it has deleterious effects on the economy; it is considered a felony/crime. Upon proof during trial, harsh penalties are meted including incarceration because of the fraud attendant to its commission.

What I find nauseatingly horrendous is the fact that on its face, I read press releases such as this one . It claims that aids global recession because it gives the best possible option to generate income for its writers. Quite sickening after going through an avalanche of an almost never ending litany of complaints on the world wide web such as this article in Associated Content where the writer claims that after working for he was not paid his fees of almost $500. He quit and it had been six months last December 2008 and he has yet to "receive" his fees. Is this the kind of "aid" for global recession? This for me is stealth through insidious machinations.

The infamous lackey wrote at a message forum in defense of his master, myopically but purposely limiting the issues to the self serving assertion that these websites offer quality papers and that it is 'safe' to use them and that there is no evidence that US government is closing down foreign essay writing websites because they lie to the entire world of their actual location and the nationalities of their writers including the fact that they are all English speaking with Ma's and PhDs.
One: quality papers which are 'safe' to use. I dare ask: With how the entire business operates, are the credit card details truly safe?
Two: Quality papers? Self serving and therefore not credible;
Three: No evidence that US government is closing down foreign websites. An idiotic assertion. US laws allow foreign businesses to be established within the its territorial jurisdiction ONLY AFTER lawful compliance with the legal requirements. Universal Research LLC was registered as a DOMESTIC LLC before the State of Nevada and the Commonwealth of Virginia. It was not even a foreign company but was owned by resident aliens/foreigners (Ukrainians/Mizyuks). Nothing on the official documents made mention or referred to the websites as the LLC's assets. If there was, then it would not have been possible to operate these websites for almost a year AFTER the LLC registration cancellation and it would also not been legally possible to transfer these websites to a newly created company, Universal Research Inc. AFTER more than a year from the cancellation of registration of the LLC in alleged violation of the Code of Virginia that requires liquidation and winding up. Again, Universal Research Inc.'s official documents fail to mention the websites. The link of Universal Research Inc to the websites are the contact pages of the websites and belatedly, the domain registrations after they have been reassigned from UNIWORK, Inc. on 22 April 2009. Therefore it is imperative to expose the truth.
Fourth: Is lying ILLEGAL? It depends on what is lied about. If what is lied about is a material fact that laws require truthful assertion; then it is illegal. Actual location of a business is required by numerous laws, i.e. Lanham Act; tax laws, labor/employment laws; local laws, etc. To name a few: taxable situs requires actual physical location to be disclosed; the nature, characteristics, qualities or geographical origin of the business' goods and services must be disclosed in conformity with the Lanham Act. The N.J. court had the occasion of passing upon this issue of misrepresentation as to origin of the goods and services in an Order of default but which according to the complainant in default is not based on the merits and therefore not precedent-setting because it chose to litigate in its own country.

Thus, an assertion that US Government is closing down foreign websites is a fallacy. Foreign websites/businesses doing business in the US may be penalized or closed down because of violation/s of laws and only AFTER observance of both substantive and procedural due process.

Let us give the lackey some slack, after all one of the sources of his hand-to-mouth existence has to be deified.

Fraud is allegedly present both in the organization and setting up of the companies, in its business operations and business practices.

A. Setting up of Companies

As may be culled from the official records filed before the state government departments in the U.S., Universal Research LLC was registered before the State of Nevada on 23 December 2004 with Corp. I.D. No. LLC30272-2004 through online filing of A few months from this time, 2-Pay Secure LLC was also registered under Corp. I.D. No. LLC22267-2004. The office address was at 11654 Plaza America Drive # 365 Reston, Virginia 20190 U.S.A. and with Yuriy Mizyuk as managing member for Universal Research LLC.

His mother, Olga Andreivna Mizyuk caused the registration of Universal Research LLC in the Commonwealth of Virginia on 03 February 2006 before the registrations (before the State of Nevada) accumulated penalties and before the inevitable cancellation of the registrations in the State of Nevada. Universal Research LLC as registered in the Virginia State of Corporation Commission had the same office address as 11654 Plaza America Drive # 365 Reston, Virginia 20190 U.S.A. #365 which is a postbox. This is in alleged violation of the Code of Virginia which requires that the location of the registered office be identical to the business office of the registered agent. The post office mailbox therefore is NOT ALLOWED (Section 13.1-1015). This legal requirement is clearly stated at the dorsal portion of Form LLC 1011.

How could Mizyuk be a managing member at the alleged office at Plaza America Drive when: a) the address is a MERE POSTBOX at the UPS Store and as attested by American consumer advocates; and

b) Mizyuk could not legally be a managing member in the U.S.A. after the fateful 2003.

Except for two or three uneventful filings such as amendment of the address of EASTBIZ, no filings were made and which consequently cumulative fines and penalties were imposed. One must consider the established fact that the office address of both LLCs is a mailbox in a UPS store at Plaza America, Reston, Virginia. Before the registration of these two LLCs were cancelled by the state government of Nevada; the mother and son tandem sought registration of Universal Research LLC with the same mailbox "office" address before the Virginia State of Corporation Commission in 2006 and the registrations of domain for their websites

These domains/websites were registered under Universal Research LLC and/or under Yuri Mizyuk, all with the same mailbox "office" address. Websites grew in numbers and one of the first websites registered was with an address indicated on the Contact Us page as 1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170.

In an article, it is claimed that the present owner of the residence at Icy Brook believed that before he bought it from the previous owner in 2004; Olga Mizyuk and his son were allowed to live there for free. There really was NEVER an office there but the Mizyuks used the residential address on the website of Essaywriters and conducted the business in an alleged fraudulent manner. They took writers from the US (initially), India, Ukraine, Pakistan and the Philippines to write for them as web-based writers and after a time, they withheld the fees already earned by imposing excessive fines without basis and by inventing complaints of customers and plagiarism reports substantiated from the very mouths of Mizyuk's countrymen in Ukraine and by their writers from the different countries.

What a disconcerting way to return a good deed of allowing people to live in one's residence for free and in return they freely chose to drag it down to notoriety. No sense of debt of gratitude but one of a perverse opportunism. Biting the hand that once fed you?

All these websites carried "office" addresses in Virginia which are parking lots, residences or offices belonging to entities having no relation at all with them and the virtual and "mailbox" offices, i.e. #365 Plaza America drive, 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, 1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100, etc.

All of these offices are virtual offices/mailboxes which the Virginia Code proscribes. The law is clear in requiring an actual office where the business operations are conducted. Of course, a school drop-out would not know that, right Yuriy? But the irony of it is, the best in us were all 'taken' by an alleged avaricious, covetous and scheming deception meister who drool and salivate at peoples' honest and hard earned sweat of the brow!

The revenue officers of the different counties where these "offices" are allegedly located stated clearly that the respective websites allegedly operating within their counties do not have business licenses including Herndon County for's Icy Brook.

AND, without business licenses—there is no FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), no tax registration certificate, no Virginia Employment Commission Account Number, no compensation insurance for employees, etc. Contrary to what they claim, there are no employees in the US. The Support staffs were all in Ukraine until Uniwork, Inc was incorporated in August 2007. The Philippine Support staffs/customer service representatives only answer phone calls and act as support staff for writers' and customers' inquiries but the main task of putting up orders at and receiving payments are handled in Ukraine.

How about taxes in UK and the Philippines? in Ukraine? Even Mizyuk's very own countrymen feel that he should have long been slapped with taxes.

B. The Conduct of its Operation/Modus Operandi

Registrations of the domestic "corporations" or LLCs are mere acts to cast an impression and illusion of legitimacy to its business/websites so that they can have a market wherever a company is registered, i.e. in the US and in UK considering that their clients come from these countries. Corporate papers fail to make a reference to or mention the websites it owns and from which it derives its income. The websites on the other hand, specify the company name and address on their respective 'contacts' or 'contact us' page. As corroborated by evidence, a few non-eventful filings are made or none at all as in the case of Universal Research LLC in Virginia and Nevada.. They simply allowed the registration to be cancelled. This only proves that despite registration; they are never subject to government regulation and control because the 'operation' of the business is not in the US albeit they claim through their paid propaganda machinery that they are. If the business really is, why are there still cumulative penalties owing both in the States of Nevada and in Virginia? Why would they use false addresses and postbox addresses in alleged violation of the laws not only in Virginia, US but also in UK? These corporations are domestic corporations.

The Transfer of Websites. The websites mushroom and branch out like wild weeds to ensnare the victims to the lair. These websites are not declared as assets/property of Universal Research LLC despite the fact that on the 'Contact Us' page of the websites; the name of the LLC appear. And when the registration life of the LLC was over and cancelled in 31 December 2007, surreptitiously and clandestinely transferred the majority of the websites in early 2009 under the fold of newly created and incorporated Universal Research Inc. (incorporated in Va-US in October 2008) and to Universal Research Inc. Ltd. (UK) for Killer-content and 2-pay Secure dot com websites including the billing for the customers of all the commercial websites. BUT this entails only modification of the contacts pages and not in official and public documents because there is no mention of the websites. So the monkey business continues . . . and so the web of lies is cast! Lies about loan packages for "employees" who need assistance are made; a tour in the "office" at Sunrise Valley; a fire drill seminar in a 300-seater conference room at Sunrise Valley; EFL writers with Ma's and Phd's; the seminar at the San Diego City colleges and its support to the alleged fraudulent website/s; charities and auction of vintage pieces; the use of logos of respectable US and UK companies on the website of SuperiorPapers which were not authorized; an award-giving ceremony at a renowned hotel for employees which were the entire subject of numerous worthless press releases. How can there be employees when none of them was declared before the Virginia Employment Commission? Marketing professionals are given certain latitude for exaggeration to build up their clients or their clients' products but to issue a press release based on mere fiction and of this magnitude is disturbingly sick and contrary to law, public policy and morals.

The law (Virginia Code) requires that assets should be liquidated and the affairs should be wound up after the registration of an LLC is automatically cancelled. (

"x x x A domestic limited liability company whose certificate has been canceled pursuant to this section is dissolved upon cancellation and shall be wound up pursuant to Article 9 (§ 13.1-1046 et seq.) of this chapter."

This obviously was not done as shown in Figure 1 of the third article Universal Research LLC could have easily paid the fines and penalties and continued its business but which was not done because they wanted to avoid the Mizyuk name appearing on a public document filed in the state government of Virginia and also because the stink associated with the name all over the world wide web courtesy of consumer advocates who unrelentingly and tirelessly exposed the alleged fraud.

Thus, he caused the creation of a new entity with a director, Oleg Vorobev. Proof: the crystal clear exodus of the websites from the LLC to the Inc. but only on every 'contacts' page and only in 2009 when the 'new' company was already 3 to 4 months old.

When the websites were transferred from Universal Research LLC to the Inc. there really was no transfer of ownership, Mizyuk STILL has effective control and ownership of the websites. The change was only superficial because the domain registrations were still registered under the name of the LLC and/or Yuriy Mizyuk.

Let me stress the obvious here:

Fact 1: 31 December 2007, the registration of the LLC was automatically cancelled; Fact 2: Universal Research Incorporated was incorporated in October 2008. Fact 3: Modification of the respective 'contacts' pages transpired early 2009 for most of the websites (except for Killer-content which reflected Universal Research Inc. Ltd on its contacts page sometime late December 2008 and 2-Pay for its UK address but not the name of the corporation; Fact 4: The domain dossiers of the websites which were previously registered (NetWhoIs) under the name of Yuriy Mizyuk and/or Universal Research LLC, were all reassigned on 19 November 2008 to Uniwork, Inc and thereafter reassigned to Universal Research Inc. on 22 April 2009.

Reassignment of Domain (NetWhoIs) Registrations. Next logical question is: Why would Yuriy Mizyuk reassign the domain (NetWhoIs) registrations to his own company, Uniwork, Inc. then later to Universal Research Inc.? (Could he not just reassign it directly to Universal Research Inc. after all, the websites reflected Universal Research Inc. on its contacts pages already?). The domain history of these websites were blocked off in the domaintools dot com so that it would be more tedious to trace online without the requisite subpoena duces tecum, the transfers and reassignments made from the defunct Universal Research LLC (Va) to Uniwork, Inc (Philippines) and then to Universal Research Inc. (Va). Definitely not tedious for those who were able to secure the evidence before the next wave of transfers and reassignments ensued. See one of these reassignments involving BestEssayTips at the blog.

It was his intention perhaps 'orchestrate and run the entire show' from Uniwork, Inc. (Philippines) and at the same time maintaining the name Universal Research Inc. on the contacts pages of the websites to retain his market in the US (and in UK for Universal Research Inc. Ltd). This was precisely his reason for obtaining an investor's visa in the Philippines because he could not/never obtain a visa in the US. Sadly for him however, THIS exposition happened and the light of truth was cast so that others can see through the deception and lies. He relied on the fact that the corporate documents of Uniwork, Inc. will be beyond reach; much less be posted for the public to inspect.

Linkages of the Companies and Business Operations. The proof that the businesses under the different companies are directly linked to each other and/or are one and the same monkey: See Figure of linkages.

Point One: When you order from any of the commercial websites, the Disclaimer (that appeared until late 2008) states that the charge will show up as Universal Research Inc.; you become a party to an agreement with Universal Research Inc Ltd.; authorizing Universal Research Inc. Ltd. to charge your credit card and the billing is provided by Universal Research Inc. Ltd., a company registered before the UK Companies House for a little over $140 to Yuriy Mizyuk only. And if you encounter a problem email the support under Universal, the website of the defunct Universal Research LLC. Yes, it was still operational because the LLC chose to conduct business after a year from the time its registration was cancelled by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission. Who would have so much power to defy the state government, the federal government and the other international legal jurisdictions except the 'king' who obviously is above the law.

Point Two: The production facility of all the essays and research writing is with EssayWriters dot net and lately also with Uniwork, Inc's Company papers posted at the blog shows that Uniwork, Inc. is 99.99% Ukrainian Mizyuk capitalization. See Corporate papers.

Point Three: The domains are registered under the name of Yuriy Mizyuk and/or Universal Research LLC were reassigned to Uniwork, Inc in Makati, Philippines and when the corporate papers of Uniwork, Inc were posted at the blog; the domain registration, NetWhoIs of the websites were all reassigned to Universal Research Inc. with its new virtual mailbox "office" address at 1900 Campus Commons, Suite 100, Reston, Va.

Finally, none of the registrations, UK, US or in the Philippines showed reference to any of these companies as being an affiliate/overseas branch of another or of each other. Yet Uniwork, Inc.'s advertisement declares that "Uniwork, Inc. is a fast growing BPO company situated in Makati, Philippines with global offices in the United States and Europe."

False Addresses as Stated on the Various Websites and/or Corporate Documents. The following list includes the past and present false addresses which appeared in the past (based on the web screen shots of the internet archives in my possession and in the possession of the other consumer advocates) or are appearing presently on the various websites and/or corporate documents. The list of websites here are the more popular ones and are not inclusive as there are still other websites being created.


This was the website of the defunct Universal Research LLC which was registered both in the State of Nevada and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both corporate documents including the website reflected the address as

11654 Plaza America Drive #365 Reston, Virginia 20190

This address is a postbox located at the UPS Store at Plaza America and as shown by a video taken by a concerned American consumer advocate. This consumer advocate together with the others from the different countries have tirelessly informed the public of the results of their investigations and constantly advised the public to take precautionary measures in dealing with these websites and who at the same time inspired others to do the same.The other websites also reflected the same false address in the past, i.e.,, etc.

This website used the same address of 11654 Plaza America Drive #365 Reston, Virginia 20190. It should be stressed that when one orders from one of the commercial websites, the credit card details are prompted to a web server and where it stays whether permanently or temporarily before it is sent to from processing. See article: The Web Kingdom of Lies is Further Poked with the Light of Truth: Of Logos, Plastic Card, and "Mighty Recyclable" Essays.Mr. Fraud is Caught Up in His Own Web of Lies, Deception and Propaganda. Fifth of the Series.

It should again be stressed that 2PaySecure LLC registration in the State of Nevada has been cancelled a long time ago. This was the reason why its website now only shows the address 19 Cardinal Avenue Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1EN,United Kingdom. The website FAILS to specify to which company it belongs.

This website is for the writers. This website is where they login after being accepted as a writer. The orders from the different commercial websites like,, etc. are posted at this website including the account for the particular writer, the papers he had completed writing and as uploaded, his fees, the exorbitant and unjust penalties imposed without basis, the invented plagiarism reports for the papers he had written which shows even the essay's bibliography has been plagiarized. They pay to gain the writers trust and then later on depending on their greed level; they withhold your fees. The transfer fees for wire transfer of your fees although placed at $20 per transfer is increased when you are not too keen on computing. Yes they do give bonuses of $1 per page after a good rating but they also get this back and more later on when they think it is time to impose you a fine.

The false addresses used for this website:

1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170 This address is a residence of Mr. Victor M. Guevarra as borne out by the official database of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax County, Real Estate Tax Administration and as confirmed by the owner himself when he was recently interviewed. The website's false address in UK--- Malet Street, London, WC1E, 7HU UK, This address is the University of London Senate House Library See article.,, etc.

The address specified initially was 11654 Plaza America Drive #365 Reston, Virginia 20190 but this was changed in the early 2009 into 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191. Suite 100 is a virtual office but Mizyuk merely rented a mailbox at that time as related to me by a staff of REGUS. See article . By reason of the investigation made by the concerned consumer advocates and its inevitable exposition, major websites modified its address into:

1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100, Reston, Virginia 20191. Another virtual/office mailbox

However, the other websites like:

Retained its mailbox address at: 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191.

Retained its old address at: 1911 North Fort Myer Dr #223 Arlington, Virginia 22209

There are no business establishments at the second floor of the building only the parking garage and elevators as shown in a video posted at youtube by a concerned American consumer advocate while photographs of the building directory, etc are posted at a message forum

The website recently specified its address at Unit 2, 15-17 Caledonian Road, P.O. Box 168 London N1 9DX, UK. After exposing this to be a false address in the article entitled "The Artifice of Beguilement, Subterfuge and Propaganda Employed in the Essay, Term Paper and Research Writing Business. Yes Virginia, Mr. Fraud Spins His Web Overseas! (Fourth of the Series)" that Box 168 was unoccupied as clearly and unequivocally declared by the InterPostBox London; the website modified its 'contact us' page and changed it to:154 W. MARKETGAIT DUNDEE DD1 1NJ UK

Based on advertisement of, this address is the Dundee Central Travelodge This is confirmed by the city official of Dundee in an email posted at this blog. See Untangling Another Web of 'Universal' Lies:

Appearing on Corporate Documents

Defunct Universal Research LLC

Under the defunct Universal Research LLC, its address was at postbox #365 of the UPS Store with complete address:
11654 Plaza America Drive #365 Reston, Virginia 20190

Universal Research Inc (Va USA)

This company was incorporated on 27 October 2008 after Universal Research LLC's registration was cancelled on 31 December 2007. The address indicated on the corporate papers is:4114 Hamlin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia

This address is registered under the name of Valeri Ermakov as his residence with additional owner, Mariya Oleynik based on Virginia records specifically, the Fairfax County Real Estate Tax Administration database. This property has a single detached two-story single dwelling/patio house with MAP # 0442 03 0627 and acquired on 20 August 2008. And not under the name of the sole director as specified on the corporate papers, Oleg Vorobev.

Universal Research Inc. Ltd (UK)

This company was registered on 17 December 2007 before the Companies House in UK through online registration for a little over $140 capitalization. The first office address appearing on the corporate papers: 19 CARDINAL AVENUE BOREHAMWOOD HERTS WD6 1EN. This address is associated with a dark history for phishing and credit card fraud complaints.

Phyllis Miller the secretary of this company sells her animal hide jackets online at ebay Local officials cannot locate Yuriy Mizyuk or Universal Research Inc. Ltd in the locality.On 10 November 2008, the corporate papers were amended to indicate a new address IVY HOUSE 35 HIGH STREET BUSHEY HERTS WD23 1BD UNITED KINGDOM, a virtual office.On 27 February 2009, another amendment for a change in office address to 71 ON THE HILL WATFORD HERTS WD19 5DS UNITED KINGDOM another virtual office?In all of these amendments and transfers of office addresses, the websites such as still indicated the first address of 19 CARDINAL AVENUE BOREHAMWOOD HERTS WD6 1EN. Dark histories go together. See article: The Artifice of Beguilement, Subterfuge and Propaganda Employed in the Essay, Term Paper and Research Writing Business. Yes Virginia, Mr. Fraud Spins His Web Overseas! (Fourth of the Series).

And this company which was registered with a capitalization of a little over $140 is the company that is authorized by the customer when he orders from the commercial websites to charge his credit cards and the very same company that bills the customer. Has this company declared its income to the government of UK? And what about where it fails to specify the company to which it belongs. The failure to indicate the name of the company, its registration number on the website is an alleged violation of the Trading Disclosure Regulations of UK. The residential address in Cyprus which Mizyuk indicated on the corporate papers is allegedly non existent because even the location codes are mixed up. See article.

Uniwork, Inc.

This company was incorporated in the Philippines on 23 August 2007. It was approved under the Board of Investments of the Philippine government as qualifying as a foreign corporation under the Foreign Investments Act of 1991. In the latter part of 2008, Yuriy Mizyuk applied for the issuance of a Special Investor's Resident Visa (SIRV) and which was granted in the early part of 2009, allowing him to stay in the Philippines for longer periods of time. The corporate papers show the registered office address at 24/F Pacific Star Building, Makati, Philippines. No hint of Uniwork, Inc at all in that building.

The actual offices where operations are conducted are:

17F Unit C Burgundy Corporate Tower at Senator Gil Puyat, Makati, Metro Manila
Another in the 16th floor of the same building and also in 2/F Executive Building, Senator Gil Puyat, Makati, Metro Manila.

The accounting office for the entire business of these websites are located in Ukraine.

Business Practices

Fabricated Complaints of Customers/Clients and Invented Plagiarism Reports.

To withhold fees earned already by writers, they fabricate complaints of clients and invent plagiarism reports. From the very mouths of Mizyuk's countrymen; Ukrainian writers have stated this as the practice. Even the bibliography of the research papers writers have written turn out to be positive for plagiarism.

Fines and penalties.

Fines and penalties are excessive and are imposed without any basis. Those who quit from writing do not receive whatever they are entitled to. There is a plethora of complaints from writers who are not paid; one only has to google the search words, ' scam' or scam.'

Unauthorized Use of Logos of Established UK and US Companies.

In December of 2008, the website displayed the logos of established companies. It appeared on the extreme lower right were logos under the heading 'As Seen on' of TimesOnline, PittsburgLive dot com, New York Times, Information Computer Sciences (, GEOS7 and PlagiarismAdvice dot org. I have in my possession correspondences of top executives of these companies protesting the unauthorized use of their logos in violation of the Trademark Law and all of them demanded the take down in accordance with the DMCA. For details read the article. I have in my possession the emails of these officials of top management as well as the web screen capture of the website displaying all these logos. Logo

After the logos have been taken down, the logo of a mysterious website was placed on the website of WritersAssembly domain is registered under the name of Kenneth Muse in 590 Madison Avenue, N.Y. The leasing companies of the building attest to the fact that there is no Kenneth Muse or Writers Assembly conducting its business in said building. The organization claims to be a non-profit organization but investigation from the NY Charities Bureau and the IRS revealed that no such association/organization exists in their records. But the website requires quite a large amount in dollars just for membership. Inquiry from, its alleged payment gateway revealed that no account exists for WritersAssembly or World Writers Certification. Perhaps it may be under another account.

Resale of Essays and Research Papers through the website

The essays and research papers already sold to clients for period 2000-2008 under the 'old' terms and conditions on each of the commercial website that clearly make the customers absolute owners thereof after payment are placed in the databank of for its members to download for a fee (membership fee). Although the terms and conditions were changed recently in 2009 to the effect that Universal Research Inc.
retains the copyright on the 6th month from the date of purchase should ONLY BE APPLICABLE PROSPECTIVELY. However, even those essays and research papers which were already written and purchased from 2000-2008 under the old terms and conditions ARE ALSO included in the databank. I find it deceitful because those who purchased these research papers and essays during said period were made to believe that those papers are unconditionally theirs pursuant to the old terms and conditions prevailing at the time they bought them.

The above was confirmed by posters at a message forum. The corroborative evidence of the poster is a webscreen shot of a file.

Transfers of Websites and Domain Registrations are for a Reason--quite a Colorful History in Courts.

There are cases that have been filed against Yuriy Yur'yevich Mizyuk and his mother, Olga Andreivna Mizyuk. A number of these cases are inactive; and majority were disposed of with a sentence or a judgment by the respective courts. The other judgments are already final and executory earning interests per annum.

The following (selected) web screen shots were taken with the special permission of the Virginia Supreme Court to show the numerous cases filed before the Fairfax General District Court and the Fairfax County in Virginia against Olga Mizyuk and Yuriy Mizyuk. See Images. The warrant in debt and decisions of the courts cannot be served because Yuriy Mizyuk and Olga Mizyuk are nowhere to be found. Yuriy Mizyuk is in Ukraine while Olga Mizyuk is believed to be somewhere in Virginia.

If these people can owe so much money and evade justice by not paying the debts or at least facing the alleged creditors to prove their case, how much more you, as writer or as customer? Will you as writer or as customer stand a chance to seek redress or vindicate your rights on the face of the alleged fraud? Many writers at the time of this writing have not been paid and once they feel a bold action on your part to assert your right; they dangle the money on your face and make you beg, countless follow ups for months before they finally decide to pay if they pay at all. It is a disgrace for the learned writers to beg and/or demand for fees they already earned.

We therefore think that this was precisely the one of the reasons (because there is another important reason) why he operated his business in this manner so that should there be liability, his creditors would not be able to put their hands on any assets to satisfy the debts owed after being able to prove the amounts of debt. He intentionally avoided having his name or his mother's name on any public and official document filed in both the state and federal governments in the US. It was his intention to have Universal Research LLC's registration to be automatically cancelled so that his name would no longer appear on documents to be filed in the Va State of Corporation Commission; caused the registration of a 'new' corporation, Universal Research Inc. under the name of Oleg Vorobev; and transferred all the domain dossiers to this new corporation. The holder of the purse is powerful—so the saying goes. This was precisely the reason why he had to control the earnings, income, and billing to be handled by his limited company in UK, Universal Research Inc. Ltd. of which he is the sole director. Similarly, maintaining control over the entire operations and the writers and support staffs through Uniwork, Inc. and its But far away from the 'powerful wings' of the US government. payment gateway signs up a customer only when there is a US bank account. This business has/have US bank account/s linked to but periodically the multiple accounts in are closed and new one/s are opened--fluidity; but there is always a paper trail that is left behind.

This of course, may be partly the reason. The other part to complete the background will be discussed in the next article. We can move the legislators of the different countries to make a full blown inquiry on this and have the entire world know.

I still have five more cards to play and an inch thick of dossier of evidence and court records yet to discuss and post. Shall we ask Nikita to play his bass guitar? or perhaps Margaryta to dance?

(details of the selected cases are posted below).
A US agent once asked me why I am doing this considering the cost and expense all on my account. . .my reply, "Yes, it entails costs and expenses more than anyone can ever imagine for a cause but nothing can ever equate the value of truth and the consequent justice it brings. I do not do it solely for the writers because some of them, once they receive their fees--they just 'up and leave.' I don't do it for the consumers alone because most of them cannot seek redress in fear of expulsion from the university for passing off the work done by another as theirs. I am also not doing it for the different governments because the respective graft-ridden, bureaucratic red tape and/or fragmented government-squeaky-wheel churn ever so slow. I am doing it for truth--even a poor man cannot be robbed of truth."

My gratitude to those who are unwavering in their support for this cause. The cause oriented groups and the consumer advocates whose reputation and character have been the target of character assassination and ridicule propagated by the sympathizers who have so much to lose; all this is my way of recognizing and respecting your efforts at exposing truth. This was never about us--this is about the alleged fraud that traversed the territorial boundaries of our countries and have hurt our people. I also thank those who joined me in sending complaints and evidence to the various departments and agencies of the governments of the different countries. Whatever result comes out from the respective governments' actions on this; the truth that we have all established cannot be eroded. The truth will always be . . .

List of Cases and Warrant in Debt

Warrant in debt not served

List 3

List 1

List 2

UPDATE1: Some of the evidence within the control of Mizyuk and his cohorts are being hidden, deleted or changed. Actually, we are all watching the frenzy. It becomes even more evident and obvious now who you are all in cahoots with. It is but a part of the strategy :-)
Closing of multiple accounts, opening accounts to avoid detection, modification, transfers and even changes in physical location in Kiev, Ukraine. Would it not have been easier to operate a business properly? Ukrainian law enforcement believes so.
Remember 5 more cards and an inch thick of dossier on everyone and the operations of this business.
UPDATE2: The IP addresses of the websites have been changed from those stated in the article of 05 March 2009. Shall I post them and trace everything? I know where it all leads.
UPDATE3: A voracious reader from and meebo. The title of the blog are both French and Latin.


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