Other Evidence of Public Deception

>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This shows the sticker 'TN PRO' covering the logos.This was exactly the spot where the 6 logos of established companies in the US and UK were displayed without the knowledge and consent of the registered owners. This was an alleged infringement of the trademark and copyright laws. Evidently, Mizyuk and his cohorts have no regard of the laws.

Press Release 1
SuperiorPapers claimed to have had conducted a symposium at a hotel on specified dates.

Reply to Inquiry 1
Hotel management replied by DENYING that there was ever a symposium conducted by SuperiorPapers thereat.

Press Release 2: BestDissertation claimed that a Convention was conducted on specified dates at a hotel.

Reply to Inquiry 2: Hotel management denied having such Convention in their Hotel.

Even San Diego City College (SDCC) was not spared from the lies of affiliate Best Essays.com.
In its press release it claimed having had a training seminar at SDCC and further it claimed that the College supports BestEssays

San Diego College vehemently denies having hosted a training seminar by BestEssays.com


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