Yuriy Mizyuk Fraudulently Used URIINC or Universal Research Inc. of Delaware in the Registration of Domains

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As was discussed previously in the blog, URIINC. is Uranium Resources, Inc. which has nothing to do with Mizyuk and his notorious essay websites. What is specified only is URIINC. The address provided at 910 Foulk Road, "Suite 203" Wilmington, Delaware 19803 is FALSE. There is no Suite 203! There are only two suites thereat: 200 and 201. Suite 200 is occupied by a law office and Suite 201 is occupied by Corporations and Companies Inc. and this was confirmed by a Director of said entity.

NOW, after further investigation--domain registration of his other websites reveal that URIINC is also Universal Research Inc. in Delaware. For instance, the domain registration of notorious website superiorpapers[.]net Yuriy Mizyuk specified that URIINC is Universal Research Inc. See image below:

Based on Division of Corporations of the State of Delaware: Search entity--Universal Research Inc. See below:

But this Universal Research Incorporated is located in 1209 North Orange St. Wilmington, Delaware 19801 and not as he claimed at 910 Foulk Road. This was incorporated on April 20, 1987 in Florida and is currently NOT ACTIVE.
From the Division of Corporations Delaware:

And its officer was Patrellis, A. J. Based on the database of the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, Universal Research Incorporated was revoked in 1997.

So Yuriy, stop fraudulently using revoked corporation's name in the domain registry to avoid detection. No matter how you hide from your creditors, the courts will always render judgment against you even if you are not physically present in the US and can never go back there.
Why can you not be content with your own Universal Research Inc/LLC which you have created. Does it follow you now like a bad curse?

Is this a business you can trust and put your money in? Is this the man you will trust after cheating his writers of their earned fees? Based on records, US convicted and deported this man but he continues to deceive and misrepresent to obtain money from unsuspecting people.
So what will it be next time, Yuriy?


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