's Transfer of Ownership?

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A legitimate American writer of Essaywriters wrote to me and with the writer's permission . . .
This is a part of the email emanating from on 17 July 2009,

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the ownership of our company. As you are a valued Sub-Contractor and not an Employee; you understand that the nature of our partnership is defined as: you are paid for individual orders you complete and we ask nothing else of you but quality writing. As part of this agreement your only responsibility is to accept those orders or deny orders, complete them by the deadline and be compensated provided that your work meets our quality standards.

The ownership of the company is not held by a single individual but a group of investors who has not yet chosen a managing director and due to our privacy policies we do not disclose any information regarding the names of those individuals, our writers or our customers. The change of ownership does not affect any of your duties as a Sub-Contractor or your daily activities as a writer. The same privacy policy is used to ensure that your personal information it is protected and secure at all times. As soon as the new managing director is approved we will make that information available and rest assured knowing that we are in full compliance with all relevant regulations that apply to Sub-Contractor agreements. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to a productive year together.

Thank you for your cooperation

XXX (name)
Legal Department"

IMPORTANT Facts to Note:

From what I have studied, this is what US laws say about privacy:

"Businesses have no right of privacy. California Bankers Ass'n v. Schultz, 416 U.S. 21, 65 (1974); U.S. v. Morton Salt Co., 338 U.S. 632, 652 (1950); Restatement (Second) Torts, §652I, comment c (1977); Prosser, Privacy, 48 Calif. L.Rev. 383, 408-09 (1960); Am.Jur.2d Constitutional Law § 606 (1979). Privacy law is phrased only as an individual person's rights."

A poster at posted a message stating that the transfer of ownership was effected from Mizyuk on 01 May 2009. This claim of will be belied later on.

Besides, Universal Research Inc. still has Oleg Vorobev as its sole director. So what group of investors? The Code of Virginia or for that matter US corporation laws require disclosure of directors to be stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Writers from all over have joined together. Thank you for your support.

To the other writers, make your decision: if you have not been paid your fees and they make an offer--Refuse. Think of the many who were not paid--and those in the future who will be exploited.This practice has to end. No 'damage control' anymore.

The fees offered is the very pain and anguish of sleepless nights of research, writing and anticipation of another writer/s like you. It is your choice.


Writer Wed Oct 14, 09:08:00 AM 2009 has been doing all unfair business practices in disguise. We are working on and gathering enough materials and evidences to sue them and bring them to justice system in US, in Ukraine and in Philippines and wherever they have their presence. They have been cheating genuine writers. We want to save our writers who work day and night to earn some bread and these people are snatching the bread from poor writers.

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