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>> Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Wave of Reassignments and Transfers!

pertinent websites, i.e. superiorpapers, bestessays, essaywriters dot net, wisetranslations, etc. which were previously reassigned to Uniwork, Inc. in 2008 are NOW reassigned to Universal Research Inc. on 22 April 2009 per NetworkWhoIs registration.

FIGURE 1: Registration reassignment
of EssayOnTime from Uniwork, Inc.
to Universal Research, Inc. (Va)

FIGURE 2: Reassignment of EW's NetWhoIs registration from Uniwork, Inc. to Universal Research, Inc. (Va)

And so are the OTHER websites per their respective domain dossiers.

This involves the simple expedient of notifying the domain registrar. Do you think this entailed board meetings and board resolutions for any reassignment like in any ordinary corporation? NO. Do you think there is a public document at that time which was executed transferring the websites to Uniwork, Inc. and/or to Universal Research Inc. (Va) at this time and which is basic in every corporation? NONE. These websites are never declared as assets of any company at any given time. These were never declared as assets of the defunct Universal Research LLC. After the latter's registration was automatically cancelled on 31 December 2007 by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission, these websites continued operating and doing business as usual. Virginia Code requires winding up and liquidation of the assets of the LLC after automatic cancellation of registration. This was NOT done. A new company, Universal Research Inc. was registered and incorporated in Va. on 27 October 2008 with director, Oleg Vorobev. No mention was made of these websites which were still operating BUT Yuriy Mizyuk amended and modified the 'Contacts' page of every website to reflect the "new" company name Universal Research Inc. (Va) or Universal Research Inc. Ltd (UK) (in the case of the other websites). There was no conversion of Universal Research LLC into Universal Research Inc. Oleg Vorobev could not have bought and acquired these websites because these websites should have been liquidated. There was no conversion of LLC into Inc. so how could it have been possible?
It is possible because this "entire show" is being run by one man. The ownership of these websites are passed on from one company to another including "reassignments" of NetWhoIs registrations of domains with ease because these websites were never declared as assets belonging to a particular company or person. This is the reason why there was simply no loss when the LLC was cancelled. Those to whom the LLC is liable to will have no other legal RECOURSE for recompense for the probable damages sustained.

So why was the registration from Uniwork, Inc. transferred to Universal Research Inc. now--well, the corporation papers of Uniwork, Inc. are posted already and therefore--registration of these websites meant acquisition of assets that should be reflected in the reportorial requirements of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Acquisition involves taxes to be paid! Were these reflected on official public documents? Well, your guess is as GOOD as the documents in my possession.

@ courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The spider is agitated after reading the latest article! He dislikes the light and retreats but the LIGHT of TRUTH is everywhere!

FLIGHT is legally defined as
"running away or hiding by a person officially accused of a crime with the apparent intent of avoiding arrest or prosecution."

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