Filing of Complaints and Furnishing Any Information

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Fraud and Misrepresentation In Its Many Forms
Are Crimes

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

You may file your complaints if you feel that you have been prejudiced, harassed, short-changed, duped, fooled and injured OR you may furnish any information regarding alleged violation of laws:

A. International


B. United States of America

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (FBI's IC3)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for Fraud,,id=106778,00.html

US Department of Justice (US DOJ) for Tax Fraud:

US Department of Justice (US DOJ) Criminal Division:

Federal Trade Commission

In general:
Consumer Complaint:

US Homeland Security

US Secret Service

Virginia Attorney General's Office Computer Crimes Unit Consumer Assistance

C. United Kingdom

UK Companies House: Reporting Fraud at

UK's Serious Fraud Office

Reporting a Fraud

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

D. Philippines

National Bureau of Investigation
Intelligence Services, Special Investigation Services, Anti Fraud and Computer Crimes Division

Philippine National Police

Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission Compliance and Enforcement Division

E. Payment Gateway


Do not allow the law of savages to prevail, make a stand for your country like the rest who filed their respective complaints and furnished information.

Any trivial information you may have in your possession or within your knowledge may be that missing piece that will "complete a 'larger' puzzle." With the global recession, the fraudulent activities have tremendously increased--not only to rob us of our means for our subsistence but also of our national economy's progress. If we do not look out for each other and assist the different governments--who will?

JOIN the many who made their stand! Let TRUTH prevail.


A Matter of Time

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Corporation Code of the Philippines specifically Title II, Sec. 10, B.P. 68) provides, "Any number of natural persons not less than 5 but not more than 15, all of legal age and a majority of whom are residents of the Philippine, may form a private corporation for a lawful purpose or purposes. Each of the incorporators of a stock corporation must own or be a subscriber to at least one share of the capital stock of the corporation." Uniwork, Inc. was registered and incorporated on 23 August 2007 with three (Fil.) incorporators as evidenced by its Articles of Incorporation. See FIGURE 1.


However, the General Information sheet submitted in October 2008 shows that one of the incorporators ceased to be such. This modification in the General Information Sheet is in effect an amendment of the Articles of Incorporation. The law requires majority should be residents of the Philippines--majority of 5 incorporators is 3. Consequently, when one of the three ceases to be an incorporator the minimum requirement of the number of incorporators is not complied with. The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission Opinion, 7 January 1974, SEC Quarterly Bulletin* (page 45) Vol. 8 No. 1 made a pronouncement that an incorporator shall be forever an incorporator and the articles of incorporation cannot be amended to delete his name or substitute it with another. (*The part of the commentary that the incorporator may cease to be a stockholder has been amended by Section 10 of the law which now requires that an incorporator should be a stockholder.)

The General Information Sheet may be used as evidence against the corporation and its directors and officers for any violation of existing laws, rules and regulations. See FIGURE 2.


There can only be Justice in Truth


Alleged Change of Ownership is But Another Propaganda

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Regarding the unconfirmed transfer of ownership of EssayWriters from Mizyuk to another is in my opinion, propaganda—a tactic to take the “heat off the kitchen, to take the steam off his business and off of himself.” From how I see it, he seems to be “in the way” of his own business operations because of the manner by which he operated it and the truth that slowly is unfolding.

Sale involves transfer of ownership which in many legal jurisdictions, is considered as taxable. Perhaps he can present or display on his websites, the tax official receipts—maybe then I will think about giving it some thought. Besides, all these websites operated and continued business even after the cancellation of the LLC registration of Universal Research LLC in 2007. A change/modification of contacts pages of each of the website was made from Universal Research LLC to Universal Research Inc. in the early 2009 while domain registrations of most if not all of these websites were reassigned to Uniwork, Inc. (a 99.99% Mizyuk company) in November of 2008 before it was reassigned to Universal Research Inc. on 22 April 2009. On top of all of that, when one orders from any of the commercial websites--you authorize Universal Research Inc. Ltd to charge your credit card and billing is provided also by Universal Research Inc. Ltd. (A UK registered Mizyuk company). So what does that tell you?It seems ownership transfers are just limited to modifications made on Contacts pages and domain registries which involve forms. I have YET to see something specified on any of the corporate documents submitted to the different government departments or agencies of the different countries.

In simple terms, Universal Research LLC is Mizyuk company; Universal Research Inc. Ltd is Mizyuk company; Uniwork, Inc. is also Mizyuk company; Universal Research Inc. is Vorobev-2,000 shares company--company name appearing on almost all the websites' contacts pages and domain dossiers but income from all these websites is handled by Universal Research Inc. Ltd--a Mizyuk company; right Vika? (for Victoria). Would it be incorrect to say that even Universal Research Inc. is also a Mizyuk company he just could not put his name on corporate documents filed in the US for a profound reason?

And the icing on the cake--based on corporate documents, these companies are not overseas branches/offices of one to the others. They are just independent and separate and supposedly 'distinct' entities.

(My special thanks to the Inland Revenue of UK for the official communication).


Stating the Obvious

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Martin Luther King said, "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

A die-hard lackey once said that 'false' addresses specified on websites are trivial. The taxable situs is never trivial. Criminal convictions are handed down for tax evasion after investigation and prosecution. An exhaustive investigation throws the corporate books and properties including websites' servers open to official scrutiny.

Trading disclosure laws require the name of the company and company registration number to be specified on websites among others, to fully inform the public and clearly define rights and responsibilities. Companies Act require an ACTUAL OFFICE ADDRESS and not a mailbox.
"Any company that has its base of operations in the UK is liable for the corporation tax." And what about local/city government taxes?

Therefore, a discussion on the implications of specifying an alleged "false" office address is the one that is TRIVIAL for the objective and independent thinking mind.


Untangling Another Web of 'Universal' Lies:

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Obfuscation and Misrepresentation of Facts.
Sixth of the Series

@Wikimedia Commons

Read the

FIGURE 1:'s old address

FIGURE 2: But according to Interpostbox, #168 was not occupied and therefore not leased to anyone.

FIGURE 3: Domain Dossier of, NetWhoIs reassigned on 22 April 2009 to Universal Research Inc. of Virginia, U.S.

FIGURE 4: The new address of after the exposition.

FIGURE 5: The new address, 154 W. Marketgait Dundee DD1
1NJ UK is the Dundee Central Travelodge per advertisement of ebookers.

FIGURE 6: Confirmed by the City Government of Dundee.

*The rationale for the UK Trading Disclosure Regulations of requiring the name of the Company to which a website operates under; the Company registration; etc. is to fully inform the public or those transacting business with the website, of the defined rights and liabilities of parties as granted and prescribed by the pertinent laws. Thus, any party who may allege having sustained injury to his rights is readily afforded remedies to clearly seek redress based on the substantive and procedural mechanism accorded to him by law. In this particular case, a dotUK in the domain as well as a UK address specified on the Contacts Page would mislead the public into thinking that they are dealing with a UK entity. is not a registered company under the UK Companies House as of the time of this writing. Who would go to the far extent of verifying the Domain Dossier? Very few if none at all.
The domain was reassigned on 22 April 2009 to Universal Research Inc. , Va, US registered domestic corporation.
*Another rationale for requiring specification of the name of company and its registration on the website is for TAXATION purposes. Is a subsidiary or a branch of Universal Research Inc. Moreover, the truthful indication of an ACTUAL OFFICE ADDRESS is required also for tax purposes, i.e. local/city taxes, and the interplay of the two tax jurisdictions--US and UK.

So is it time again to modify the "Contact us/Contacts" page of the website? Time again to block internet archives with robot.txt.file and what about domain history? It has become very clear already. Truth is everywhere.


"Fraud and Falsehood Only Dread Examination.

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Truth Invites it."
(Samuel Johnson)

@ Wikimedia Commons
Falsehood is cowardice, the Truth courage.
(Hosea Ballou)

Truth has a way of asserting itself despite all attempts to obscure it. Distortion only serves to derail it for a time. No matter to what lengths we humans may go to obfuscate facts or delude our fellows, truth has a way of squeezing out through the cracks, eventually.
(U.S. Senator Robert Byrd)

The website of the defunct Universal Research LLC was wwwdotuniversalresearchdotnet. Its website was still up on the World Wide Web until latter part of 2008 (despite the fact that the LLC registration was already cancelled in December 2007) with IP address In 2009, its NetWhoIs registration was changed including the server now with IP address when it is no longer up on the World Wide Web.

More soon . . .


"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of an eye.

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

@Wikimedia Commons

more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract" (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

I came across a message posted at a Writers' Forum from one who appears to be a lackey and crony of the alleged fraudulent essay writing websites. He claimed that beyond consumer (student) satisfaction with the written (essay) order; all else is trivial. Moreover, any writer who would complain about excessive fines imposed by these alleged fraudulent websites is immediately regarded as a plagiarist or one with poor writing skills. In the face of admissions that he profited from his "master's business" and that hundreds of US dollars makes one a "king" in a country ridden with political strife and struggles; he does share a common tangent plane with his 'master' in a profiling made. Beyond the megalomanic hysteria and a myopically delusive assumption that consumer satisfaction is the only/sole proviso in the law (of the many provisos in the consumer law and of the numerous laws in a society) as worth complying; an advocacy of selective and self-benefiting compliance is erroneously propagated in a (his) jungle where the law of the savages is upheld.

Of course we would have a different and perhaps an extreme opposite argument from him in the spectrum if he is a national of one of the countries allegedly cheated of taxes for a num
ber of years or one of the writers not paid. Truly, good writing skills does not assure anyone of intelligence and wisdom and of honor and integrity.

The following images show the interrelation and linkages of the entities/companies--Universal Research LLC, Universal Research Inc., Universal Research Inc. Limited, and Uniwork, Inc. based on the information stated on the websites, company papers and reassignment of domains. They are ALL one and the same.

: One and the same
When one orders from one of the commercial websites:
a) transaction shows up under UNIVERSAL RESEARCH INC.;
b) you become a party to an agreement with UNIVERSAL RESEARCH INC. LTD which in turn
c) you authorize UNIVERSAL RESEARCH INC. LTD to charge your credit card

d) should you desire to cancel the order or receive a refund, email
support at which is actually UNIVERSAL RESEARCH LLC. (Image taken later part of 2008) This also proves that Universal Research LLC was conducting its business a year after its registration was already cancelled by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission.
e) should there still be problems, call the US phone number specified on the website and a staff from UNIWORK, INC./ will answer the call.

FIGURE 2A: Universal Research LLC (Va) was registered on 6 Feb 2006. Registration cancelled on 31 Dec 2007 but was still operational until late 2008. Universal Research Inc. (Va) was registered 27 Oct. 2008 in Va. It was only in the early part of 2009 that websites showed the name of this company on their respective contacts pages (only in the contacts pages and not in any official/public document).

FIGURE 2B: Universal Research Inc. Ltd (UK) was registered on 17 Dec. 2007. Uniwork, Inc. (Philippines) was registered on 23 August 2007.

FIGURE 3: Reassignment of NetWhoIs registration of the websites from the defunct Universal Research LLC/Yuriy Mizyuk to Uniwork, Inc. (a foreign corporation incorporated in the Philippines with a 99.99% Ukrainian/Yuriy Mizyuk capitalization) in November 2008 then later reassigned to Universal Research Incorporated (Va) in April 2009. (The images were taken immediately after each instance of reassignment, in the series of reassignments).

The domain history of a number websites have been recently blocked for 'privacy;' and mostly for the entire 2008 (or the latter months) to 2009. (Similar to the internet archives, with the robot.txt). The domain tools website informs us that it costs $10 per domain name per day if you desire to block your website's domain history. Assuming these are 20 websites already (because I lost count already), that is about $200--just for privacy alone :-(

So you writers out there, work hard--very hard to commit mistakes so that they can impose the excessive fines! Spare them of all the trouble of allegedly having to invent and fabricate complaints of customers. :))

All of these entities were registered without any overseas office/branch as shown in Figures 2A and 2B--no parent company and no subsidiaries. But how come when one orders from a website with its contact page reflecting Universal Research Inc.; the transaction appears as such but you become a party to an agreement with Universal Research Inc. Ltd (authorized to charge your credit card) which in turn issues you the billing. And if you have a problem with the order, call the US phone numbers appearing on the website and it is going to be Uniwork, Inc (Philippines) support staff who will answer the phone call.

Legally, a corporation is deemed as a separate and distinct 'person' by legal fiction. Nothing wrong with different "affiliate" corporations assisting each other in the same business operations but why not specify this on public and official documents to clearly define rights, responsibilities, and liabilities including, for tax purposes. When a customer or writer complains, who or which entity shall he sue?

A corporation/LLC is granted a distinct personality from its stockholders/members. Thus, the former's liabilities are not the latter's. They become responsible only in instances such as in tort or fraud, warranting the disregard of the legal fiction. Courts choose to pierce the veil of corporate/legal fiction to make the responsible officers liable to third parties, including the Government.

Piercing the alleged web of lies and deception would lead you to Mizyuk and his cohorts.


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