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>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

The poster at the message forum insists on personal anecdotes. Of course, CNN would like to know the personal experiences of writers and customers of This establishes the business practices of and its treatment of its writers and customers. Many of those have written to me and have given their details. It was just a matter of hooking them up with CNN. On the other hand, the different government departments both in US, Philippines and UK would establish the complaints they have received, how the business is set up based on registration, taxes, business licenses, etc. which is the legitimacy or the illegitimacy of its operations.

I have a strong feeling that abhor the press' particular interest in them. The issues that have been raised are impressed with deep public interest.

I wonder however, what had happened to another poster's post:
" as well as other multiple other similar sites are SCAMS and as someone else stated, run by Ukrainians (Yuri Mizyuk and Olga Mizyuk, mother and son). He was deported to Ukraine a few years ago for credit card fraud; Olga may still be in the US. It is a very elaborate scam, "

And I wonder why a Ukrainian poster at another message forum had this to say:

So what was the experience of 2004 that may not have taught them a lesson ? Was it in 2004? I will pitch in a wild guess--in 2003.

And if allegedly it was fraud before 2003 that caused the alleged deportation; I do not think that it is surprising to read about the numerous writers during a span of years from 2006 to have complained about their writers' account being blocked when they have fees to receive; or the alleged fabricated complaints of customers and other lame excuses not to pay the fees already earned.


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