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Piercing the Web (Veil) of Mr. Fraud's Corporate Fiction. Third of the Series-Part 2

A corporation/LLC is granted a distinct personality from its stockholders/members. Thus,the former's liabilities are not the latter's. They become responsible only in instances warranting the disregard of the legal fiction-tort or fraud.

A. The Automatic Cancellation of Registration. The registration of Universal Research LLC in the Virginia State of Corporation Commission was automatically canceled on 31 December 2007. The Code of Virginia, specifically § 13.1-1062 thereof requires an annual registration fee of $50 for every calendar year to be paid on or before 01 October to the state treasury. Failure to pay the annual registration fee shall mean the imposition of a penalty of $251 thereon and a mail shall be sent to notify the domestic limited liability company of the impending cancellation of its certificate of registration. Should there be no payment on or before 31 December, the registration shall be automatically This was what happened to Universal Research LLC. The Virginia State of Corporation Commission automatically canceled its registration for failing to pay the annual registration fee and the fine thereon. The domestic LLC shall, upon cancellation be dissolved and immediately wound up in accordance with § 13.1-1064 B.

B. No Dissolution and Winding up as Required by Law. In winding up, the law requires "liquidating trustees, in the name an
d on behalf of the limited liability company, may (i) prosecute and defend suits, whether civil, criminal or administrative, (ii) wind up the limited liability company's business, (iii) dispose of and convey the limited liability company's property, (iv) discharge or make reasonable provision for the limited liability company's liabilities, and (v) distribute to the members any remaining assets of the limited liability company, all without affecting the liability of members and without imposing the liability of a general partner on a liquidating trustee" (§ 13.1-1048 B, Code of Virginia).

None of the above transpired with Universal Research LLC. I doubt if the amounts it had mulcted from the writers have been settled. Moreover, I have reservations if taxes both state and federal had been paid. The amount of $75 remain
s to be unpaid based on the records of the Virginia State of Corporation Commission. Most importantly, in case no one had noticed, the more than 26 websites, even after the automatic cancellation of the LLC's registration CONTINUED to operate and do business, as if nothing ever happened. It was so convenient because none of these websites were listed as affiliates or subsidiaries in any document submitted before the state government. From the time that its registration was automatically canceled on December 2007 to the time when a company was incorporated under the disguised Universal Research Inc. on 27 October 2008 before the Virginia State of Corporation Commission (more than 10 months) to the time when each of these websites ACTUALLY (and MERELY) SUBSTITUTED the name, " Universal Research LLC" with "Universal Research Inc." in late November or early December of 2008 (close to a year after the automatic cancellation of the LLC's registration)shows a premeditated and preconceived plan to substitute the defunct LLC with the Inc. and 'transfer' all the operating websites under the defunct LLC to the newly registered Inc. to give some semblance of 'legality,' 'legitimacy' and 'business as usual' status. In fact an advertisement was caused to be issued at Directions Magazine in December 2008 with contact information of SuperiorPapers and the Plaza America address and which in part is hereunder quoted verbatim, "Universal Research Incorporated. We received our first order in May, 1997. Since then, we've seen a lot of changes in our industry. But one thing never changes: our commitment to quality service and our clients' satisfaction. Here at we strongly believe our success is due to the talent of the professional writers on our staff."

By placing each website under Universal Research Inc. now albeit not immediately after its incorporation, people and students who patronize the services of these websites would have an impression that they are physically located in the U.S. (Virginia) and that business operations are conducted thereat when in truth, they are not. It also gives the overseas writers, the assurance and confidence that they w
ould be paid their fees when they start working with and for these websites when Universal Research Inc. is after all, incorporated by the State of Virginia Corporation Commission in 2008. And more importantly, it was a perfect way of absconding from their (Mizyuk and his cohorts) creditors and hiding from public scrutiny except of course from me who watched with eagle's eyes and took evidence every step of the way as it developed.

C. No Conversion Either. It should be stressed that under the Code of Virginia, specifically § 13.1-1010.4
it allows conversion of a limited liability company into a corporation based on a plan of equity conversion. There was no conversion made by Universal Research LLC to Universal Research Inc. This lack of conversion is shown in the web screen shot of the Conversion Inquiry dated 24 December 2008 from the Virginia State of Corporation Commission or FIGURE

FIGURE 1: No Conversion fr
om LLC to Inc.

I raised the issue of conversion because all of the websites under Universal Research LLC are now under Universal Research Inc. (and a few under Universal Research Inc. Ltd.) as can be seen in the 'contact us' page of the websites where the name of the corporation appears including its address at Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston Virginia. Moreover, there could have been NO dissolution and winding up of the LLC otherwise; these websites would have been distributed as assets after liabilities are satisfied. Thus, if there was no dissolution because the 'assets' (operating and operational websites) are still in existence despite the cancellation of the registration of the defunct LLC and there was also no conversion from the LLC to Inc. despite the fact that all its tangible assets were transferred under the Inc.; then what is it? In time the answers shall be given to you as I know that your minds are as inquisitve as mine.

Any unsuspecting person who would visit each of the websites will think and be convinced that the entire business operations are above board. Any non resident of the State of Virginia who would not have the luxury and the time to verify the office addresses or any citizen of another country who may not be aware of the laws of the State of Virginia, would be misled to believe that these are legitimate business entities. One of the questions that you may ask yourself is:
If the registration of the LLC had been canceled, why not register the corporation under Yuriy Mizyuk's name as registered agent instead of an "Oleg Vorobev" who obviously does not operate the business in the registered address (4114 Hamlin) stated in the incorporation papers.The answer: Yuriy Mizyuk has avoided having his name written on any government document since 2004 (when he caused the registration of Universal Research LLC through EASTBIZ.COM, Inc and with him as the managing member at the State of Nevada) I am aware that all you readers have numerous haunting questions. For now, let us be content on what appears on the surface of the pieces of evidence. I would speculate that the purpose for incorporating Universal Research Inc. is the need to have a new entity with government approval of incorporation, to substitute for the defunct LLC, thereby escaping the 'nightmare' that had been associated with Universal Research LLC from the overwhelming inundation of articles, posts at message forums and complaints of writers and clients (over the web) who were not paid their fees and the low quality of paper they received, decrying them to be the 'Ukrainian frauds.' Moreover FOR NOW, Olga Andreivna Mizyuk and Yuriy Yur'yevich Mizyuk needed to evade controversies and inquiries surrounding the payment of the annual fee and penalty. By intentionally (neglecting) allowing the registration of the LLC in the State of Virginia to be canceled with the non-payment of the annual registration fee and its penalty having been imposed is evidence of similar conduct, as was done in the registrations of the pertinent LLCs in the State of Nevada and later on perhaps with the subsequent entities which may have been incorporated or registered. Would it not be easier to just pay the penalties and continue with the limited liability company that one has started? Yes, it would be easier if one has the intention of doing business legally and legitimately. But not when registration and incorporation are merely sought ONLY TO CREATE an appearance of legality or legitimacy or of commercial stability and of 'being rooted' so that customers from the same jurisdiction would feel confident in patronizing their services.

The writers of these entities are mostly from third world countries like Pakistan, the Philippines, and India, consisting of young and new college graduates too eager to earn a decent wage. For these people of the third wo
rld, anything with a US or a UK address is considered legitimate and compliant. And those who are even more circumspect and doubting, would check the business entity database of the State of Virginia Corporation Commission to find out if the entity is registered/incorporated, as LLC or corporation.

D. Virginia State of Corporation Commission. Registration or incorporation gives the entity the authority to do business in the said jurisdiction besides giving it a separate and distinct personality from its members/stockholders. It gives the public and its potential clients, a certain
degree of assurance and confidence that the entity so registered is compliant and is subject to lawful governmental regulation and therefore, legitimate. The Virginia State of Corporation Commission (SCC) has vast and extensive regulatory powers.It regulates utilities, financial institutions, securities, retail franchising and railroads. It also registers and incorporates, LLCs, corporations, partnerships and other types of entities—accepting documentary requirements submitted as one submitted in good faith. This is the reason why the forms for Articles of Organization or Incorporation have the legal requirements printed and explained clearly on its dorsal part, one of which is the requirement pertaining to the registered office. The SCC is also mandated and charged with a duty under Article IX of its Constitution,

"of administering the laws made in pursuance of this Constitution for the regulation and control of corporations doing business in this Commonwealth. Subject to such criteria and other requirements as may be prescribed by law, the Commission shall have the power and be charged with the duty of regulating the rates, charges, and services and, except as may be otherwise authorized by this Constitution or by general law, the facilities of railroad, telephone, gas, and electric companies."

It should be stressed however, that albeit it is a regulatory agency; it is not an enforcement agency. The SCC accepts and approves forms for incorporation and registration of entities in good faith. Should a complainant bring forth a complaint alleging violations of the provisions
of the Code of Virginia, the SCC, after due hearing and investigation, may cancel registration and impose sanctions if it deems it necessary. Complaints must still be brought by a local Commonwealth attorney before the SCC, the Office of the Attorney General or the BBB.

E. Litigating: A Better Route for Redress?It does sound easy but allow me to cite and explain the players in this industry, i.e. the website, the writer and the customer or client. As I have explained in my first arti
cle, writers receive questionable plagiarism reports which are instantly translated into enormous deductions as 'penalties' imposed; they are not paid their fees which ranges from $300 to $500 on the average based on the complaints and posts at message forums over the net; writers are paid via wire transfer are over charged for transfer fees. The customer or client who is short changed because of the low quality of the paper would have to patiently wait for endless revisions which in the end, may not be refunded of what he has paid. Finally the website managed and operated for the monkey-business of it. Who therefore is in a position to file a complaint? The aggrieved parties of course, i.e. the customer and/or the writer. The customer most often avails of the services of these websites to write his academic requirement in the school or university he attends. He pays quite an enormous amount for it and submits the product to the university as his own. Of course we do not expect him to complain. The most he can do is cry his heart out in message forums or complaint boards over the internet where he can hide and protect his identity. One should remember that passing off someone's work as his, is an offense which schools and universities impose the most serious punishment of expulsion or in some cases, a failing mark. The customer-student definitely would just bear his pain rather than expose himself. The writer then. However, majority of these writers for these websites are from Pakistan, the Philippines and India. They are mostly web-based writers and definitely, they do not know each other. How can we expect these writers (from the international pool, web-based)2 with $300-$500 amounts unpaid, retain the services of a lawyer to litigate in Virginia or anywhere for that matter. More so with the Philippine office-based writers who are paid on a $1 to $2 per page research? Shall we expect them to make their respective governments act on their behalf? With such a cumbersome and often draining bureaucratic red tape that accompanies every official action?

Be that as it may, the amount of $300-$500 plus excessive penalties imposed per writer are quite a hefty amount when we put together the number of writers who are unlawfully deprived of their fees not to mention unjust penalties and fines imposed based on unverifiable complaints from clients/customers and their version of plagiarism software that detects plagiarism in footnotes and bibliographies. How many then—numerous for specified periods of time. One only has to 'google search' to find a plethora of ancient to most recent complaints, mostly writers from India, the Philippines, Pakistan and few from the U.S. Thus, they are forced to just bear their losses. This is what is exploited and relied on by these unscrupulous people—the seeming lack of recourse to unjust practices. This is one of the major reasons why this particular business thrived, flourished and prospered. These unscrupulous people rely on taking a new set
of writers after the previous ones quit. They rely on the fact that by raising issues of contrived plagiarism reports and imposition of excessive penalties, the writers who quit would lose interest in demanding for their fees AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING AND FOLLOW-UPS. These unscrupulous people rely on the Support staff who now are Filipinos located in another office in Makati to serve as buffer during phone calls to face, resolve and absorb the anger and despair of writers who are not paid, some of whom are their countrymen. The business carries at some point the State of Virginia's imprimatur of legality but it remains to be unregulated, deceitful, and fraudulent.

They claim through their self-generated advertisements, articles and PR materials that almost ALL these websites have been in business since 1997 even if their domain dossiers for a few websites with the most remote creation reveal that business commenced in December 2004 for the Universal Research LLC and 2-Pay-Secure LLC-Nevada registration.Since they claim having started this business since 1997, the US government should make them pay the delinquent taxes from that year.

F. Operating a Compliant (US-Virginia) LLC? As previously discussed, Universal Research LLC was registered in the State of Virginia under the name of Olga Mizyuk, as registered agent on 03 February 2006. It operated and maintained just two websites, i.e. and until it grew to 16 and more (others list it as 26 and still g
rowing). The choice of forming LLCs is a popular option in cases of creation and business operations of "websites and blogs." The LLC may be operated by the single member or other members (co-owners). The State of Virginia does not require at this time, the filing of an annual report. Operating an LLC is less burdensome and less costly than operating a corporation. It involves less formalities except for record keeping requirements such as those stated

In the case of Universal Research LLC, there appears to be no operating agreement submitted but only the Articles were filed upon application for registration in 2006 by Olga Mizyuk. The Operating Agreement should indicate the manner of distribution of profits and losses.

I doubt if the state and federal taxes have been paid. The income from the 16 or 26 websites are distributed as profits and as such it is subject to income tax. The Department of Taxation of Virginia and the IRS can conduct an investigation. I am baffled if Yuriy Mizyuk and his mother Olga Mizyuk, both Ukrainian nationals, doing business in the U.S. and deriving income therefrom and who are non-resident aliens (not having passed the substantial presence test and/or when 'green card' status had been taken away by final judgment of court or deportation). The income derived f
rom the US is taxable. And what about their tax home, Ukraine; or other countries, i.e. UK, the Philippines or Australia?Now, let us go to local licenses. It is basic in any kind of business to have a business license. Each county in Virginia requires business license depending on the gross receipts. By virtue of the business license, the particular city in effect grants the business entity the privilege to engage in a commercial enterprise. This license is also known as a permit, certificate of eligibility or tax registration certificate. This license is to be renewed annually. For instance in the City of Alexandria, any business or commercial entity (individuals, corporations, and partnerships) or self-employed doing business within the jurisdiction of the local government "with annual gross receipts in excess of $10,000 are required to pay this annual tax" (including those engaged in 'home occupation business).

This license is to be renewed annually. For instance in the City of Alexandria, any business or commercial entity (individuals, corporations, and partnerships) or self-employed doing business within the jurisdiction of the local government "with annual gross receipts in excess of $10,000 are required to pay this annual tax" (including those engaged in 'home occupation business). Let us take Killer-content dot com for instance; it was originally 'appearing under' Universal Research LLC until its website 'contacts' page was modified to reflect Universal Research Inc. Ltd. But previously announced its revenue as under $75,000

Was this ever reported
to Fairfax County (Universal Research LLC had its registered office at Plaza America, Reston; Reston is within the jurisdiction of Fairfax County)? A recent inquiry was made before the Business Section of Fairfax County if a business license was issued in favor of Universal Research LLC/Yuriy Mizyuk. The Business Section categorically stated that "there is no business license for Universal Research LLC at 11654 Plaza America Drive # 365 Reston, Virginia 20190. Moreover in a follow-up inquiry, the Business Section informed that no business license was issued to Universal Research Inc. at 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191. Finally, I further inquired if there is a business license for Universal Research Inc. at 4114 Hamlin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia.There is NONE. See FIGURE 2.

FIGURE 2: Replies of Business/Revenue Offices of
the Respective Counties to the Effect that there is No Business License/s Granted to Universal Research LLC, Universal Research Inc. and the Other Websites at Addresses Specified on their Respective Websites

Anent the business licenses of BestTermPaper LLC and BestDissertation LLC with office address at 1911 North Fort Myer Dr 223 Arlington, Virginia 22209, this was no longer verified considering that these entities were NEVER REGISTERED as LLCs with the Virginia State of Corporation Commission. Only those entities legally registered or incorporated by the SCC are granted business licenses so it would be a useless exercise to verify those. As regards, EssayWriters dot net with office address at 1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170, a recent inquiry was made before the Herndon Revenue Office and it was verified that EssayWriters dot net has NO LICENSE TO DO BUSINESS in Herndon. See FIGURE 2.

Clearly, Mizyuk and his cohorts failed in securing their respective local licenses. The businesses have been going on since 1997 accordi
ng to the self serving and self claimed assertion of these unscrupulous people but TRUTHFULLY (these people's own version of dictionary lacks this word) since 2004 for Nevada and for Virginia in 2006. More than THREE YEARS and WITHOUT PAYING WHAT IS DUE THE GOVERNMENT. They have debased and bastardized not only the provisions of the laws but also made a mockery of the legal institutions.Allow me to lay a predicate; we have been flooded with their well-paid marketing tactics and strategies mostly from marketing firms like Duct Tape Marketing or Jantsch Communications in Kansas City, Mo. or from the Marketing Office of Uniwork, Inc in the Philippines specifically employed to bring back the credibility of these websites. The PR articles mentioned for instance that ResumesPlanet dot com has modified its package for its employees or for SuperiorPapers allegedly whose 18 employees had been considered as qualified for its 'high' standards or even with the incredulous claim of the existence of an Employee Affairs Office or the relatively new (March 10, 2009) PR material of a fire drill and seminar in a 300-seater conference room of BestEssays dot com at 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Virginia, 20191, USA

Clearly, they furnished us enough ropes to hang their necks, with employees allegedly hired, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) should have been secured. Additionally, with employees in Virginia, Mizyuk was supposed to apply for a Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) account number. One must report to the State of Virginia, the new hires. And finally, you need to shoulder the workers' compensation insurance . We may have a similar conclusion-- Yuriy Mizyuk and Olga Mizyuk failed in secu
ring the EIN and other legal requirements.

I am always disgusted about the dissemination of false information and deception over the internet. So allow me to further shed light on the matter. The writer of the PR material dated 10 March 2009, is someone who identifies herself as 'richasuncion' with a possibly fake picture posted near her name at SavannahNow web site. She claims that the fire drill and seminar was conducted in a 300-seater conference room. There is no 300-seater conference room at 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Virginia. The building is owned by REGUS PLC and the advertisement for Event Spaces (click on the hyperlink and then click on the tab 'event spaces') shows that the capacity for the Conference Room is for fourteen (14) people! The PR article writer goes on with "Joseph Richeson, the fire agency's head, said that fire kills more people in the United States than all natural calamities x x x" and do you know who the REAL head of the fire agency is? Fire Chief Ronald Mastin! Please 'richasuncion,' do not take us for a ride. Time for truth. Speaking of a fake picture, here is another PR article of a 'KCPastoral'
Posting a photograph of the wife of the brother of a Philippine Senator?

Yes Virginia, it is such a crying shame!

Finally, let me close this article with a discussion about another requirement essential for a LEGITIMATE business, a bank account. Now, can anyone tell me how can one secure a bank account for a business without a Tax ID number of EIN, a copy of the articles of organization and a resolution authorizing the opening of said account? So where do you think they keep their accounts, income and earnings? Where else perhaps—than in their mother land Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine. This is precisely the reason why web based writers who opt for wire transfers of their earned fees are required to submit a litany of information, i.e. beneficiary bank identifier, ABA Number of your bank's corresponding bank in the USA, intermediary bank identifier, intermediary bank name, and intermediary bank address—in addition to the basic ordinary information. See a living example of a web screen shot from the internal administrative zone of the website of posted at the blog.

FIGURE 3: Bank details Required by One of the Websites for Purposes of Wire Transfer of Earned Fees to the Writer.
(personal details deleted to prevent identification of the particular writer but the original document has been preserved as evidence.)

(My gratitude to the officers and employees of the Town of Herndon, specifically the Town Manager's Office, the Revenue Section and the Fairfax County specifically the Business/Revenue Section and the Real Estate and Tax Administration Office in accommodating me in my numerous inquiries, as well as the writers for your trust and the readers for your support).

1§ 13.1-1064, Code of Virginia.
2There are two pools of writers—1) International pool. Those who are with (a total of more or less 500 relatively active writers) and 2) the local writers-These are office based writers in the Philippines who report for work in another separate office in Makati, Philippines who may be paid based on quota ( a total of around 10-15 more or less at the time of this writing.


1. Citizen Media Law Project. Limited Liability Company. Accessed 10 March 2009 at
2. US Tax Guide for Aliens, Publication 519, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, p.4. Accessed on 12 March 2009
3. Code of Virginia.


The Anatomy of an Essay, Term Paper, and Research Writing Business

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Writing for Mr. Fraud--Yes Virginia, it is NOW EXPOSED.

Second of the Series, Part 1

A limited liability company of LLC is a relatively a new method of doing business. It takes the best characteristics of a corporation, a partnership and a sole proprietorship. "The primary advantage of an LLC is that it affords its members the personal liability protection of a corporation but without all of the corporate formalities" (Legalzoom website).Domestic limited liability companies are given the choice of calculating profits and thereafter for members to pay their taxes thereon based on individual tax rates known as pass through taxation.In the Commonwealth of Virginia, an LLC composed of a single member shall pay for the business income. Should there be more than one member, the LLC is required to file Form 1065 with the IRS in accordance with the partnership provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The LLC is also given the option of being treated as an S or a C corporation. An S corporation is not usually popular as this can easily be subject to the imposition of penalties for default. On the other hand, a C corporation is taxed both on income from its business as well as the distributed profit share of each members, also as income.This form of
entity is popul
ar considering the ease of having it registered through online incorporation services like EastBiz. com, Inc.

The Registration and Incorporation.
The registration of the entities was initially done by Ukrainian mother and son tandem, Olga Mizyuk and Yuriy Yur 'yevich Mizyuk.

FIGURE 2: Nevada Registration of
2-Pay-Secure LLCin 2004

A. State of Nevada. Both registered their first website/LLC, 2-Pay-Secure specifically to the Secretary of State of Nevada on 2 8 September 2004 with Corp. I.D. No. LLC22267-20041 through online registration services EastBiz.Com, Inc. (See FIGURE 2). Based o n the information appearing on its website of 09 December 2004, 2-Pay-Secure LLC (using the way back machine archives) was an independent research company that provides research to business and other fields. Clearly, by the manner the website was designed anyone can order from them and track his orders. However on 17 November 2006, it changed its business into one that apparently appeared to be a mere virtual terminal because the website was modified, as shown in the internet archives or the way back machine and orders can no longer be placed through it but was limited only to refund and cancellation of the order/s. Moreover, in filling out the form submitted for the requisite registration, Olga Mizyuk showed an alarming lack of knowledge and ignorance of the zip code for her very own LLC. The zip code she registered for the office for 2Pay Secure LLC, 11654 Plaza America #365, Reston Virginia is 20130-47 and which should have been 20190 for Reston, Va. The zip code 20130 is one for Paris, Virginia.

Another limited liability company, Universal Research LLC was created and registered2 on 23 December 2004 with Corp. I.D. No. LLC30272-2004 with the same registered office address as 2-Pay-Secure LLC, 11654 Plaza America Drive #365 Reston, Virginia 20190 with Yuriy Mizyuk as
managing member an
d INC. as registered agent (See FIGURE 3). These two LLCs had their respective websites, i.e. and www.universalresearch dot net placed up on the World Wide Web.

FIGURE 3: Nevada Registration of
Universal Research LLC in 2004

B. Commonwealth of Virginia
. A business entity search made o
n the database of the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Office of the Clerk Information System, shows that Universal Research LLC was also registered on 03 February 2006 at the Virginia State Corporation Commission under LLC I.D. No. T029708-7 and with Olga Mizyuk as its registered agent. No registration was made for 2-Pay-Secure LLC.

C. The websites. From two websites, it multiplied and grew into sixteen (16) more or less.3 These websites cater mostly to students for their written academic requirements such as essays, term papers, dissertations, research papers including web design, web hosting, web development, website copywriting, press release writing, article writing, ghost writing, link building and SEO services. The more notorious websites are: SuperiorPapers, BestEssays, BestTermPaper, RushEssay, BestDissertation,, WiseTranslations,, Killer-Content, ResumesExperts,, ResumesPlanet,,,,, the defunct,, and The message forum, Ess was discontinued in the early part of last year and in its place was created. Verification from the domain dossiers4 of both websites reveal that the former has an IP address of while the later, and both are within the same Net Range: - This net range granted is identical for both sites. Moreover, majority of the entries found before at were lifted and merely reproduced at and with IP addresses, and, respectively were also discontinued.

Except for the specification on the respective websites of Universal Research LLC and its registered office address on the 'Contact Us' page, numerous contact phone numbers which are interchangeably assigned and reassigned from one website to another and in some instances, the domain dossie
rs of the websites which contain the name of Yuriy Mizyuk and/or Universal Research LLC; there is no official and public document filed before any state, federal or local department or agency that makes reference to Universal Research LLC as owning wholly or in part the affiliate websites aforementioned. The designation of Universal Research LLC in almost every pertinent website gives it the appearance that it is a holding company/LLC for the affiliates/subsidiaries (websites) but legally subsidiaries must also be entities that are registered as companies or LLCs and these websites are not registered as such. The LLC registrations of 2-Pay-Secure LLC and Universal Research LLC in the State of Nevada were revoked on 1 October 2006 and 1 January 2009, respectively. As appearing on the Nevada Secretary of State Business entity details database search, 2-Pay-Secure LLC only had three (3) entity actions namely, submission of the Articles of Organization, list of officers and change of address of registered agent,, Inc. A penalty and reinstatement fee of $1,100 is imposed.On the other hand, Universal Research LLC had only four (4) entity actions namely, submission of Articles of Organization, list of officers and two annual list. In both entities, there were no financial reports submitted, thus registering no par share count and no capital amount. A penalty and reinstatement fee of $700 more or less is imposed. (For other images hereinafter, please refer to the blog). In the case of the State of Virginia registration, Universal Research LLC was revoked on 31 December 2007. There was no activity for said entity from the time of registration until its automatic cancellation and penalties and interest were imposed amounting to $75 and which remains to be unpaid at the time of this writing. It is a puzzle how income taxes from the profits generated out of these websites were paid if they were never declared at all. Ideally, the financial reports and other company records are supposed to be kept in the registered office or place of business where they can easily be inspected by appropriate authorities when necessary. However, I find it even more of a puzzle when the registered place of business is a mere mailbox. Tax evasion is considered a felony and can constitute as a ground for deportation of an alien considering that it is deemed to be an offense involving moral turpitude.

D. Registered Principal Office. Universal Research LLC had its registered principal office at 11654 Plaza America Drive# 365 Reston, Virginia 20190 since 2004 (for the State of Nevada) or 2006 (for the Commonwealth of Virginia). All of the other websites aforementioned with the exception of a few also specified on its respective websites in the 'Contact Us/Contacts) page-- the alleged mother company-- Universal Research LLC and with the same registered address.

E. Other Websites Specifying Different Principal (unregistered) Addresses. website specified two addresses before, i.e. Malet Street, London, WC1E, 7HU UK, from the internet archives and 1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170. The UK address is found to be the address of the University of London Senate House Library (refer to the bottom part of the page of the link where the address is indicated). This UK
address was deleted sometime in the middle of 2007.The US Virginia address, 1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170 is found to be a private residence registered to and owned by Victor M. Guevarra with additional owner, Veronica G. Garcia under MAP #: 0103 11 0037 per Fairfax County, Virginia Real Estate/Tax Administration Registration. (A web screen shot is posted at the blog)5 has an IP address of and with registrant, Yuri Mizyuk as reflected on its domain dossier.

The other exceptions are BestDissertation LLC and BestTermPaper LLC with office address at 1911 North Fort Myer Dr 223 Arlington, Virginia 22209. These alleged LLCs upon verification from the Virginia State of Corporation Com
mission business entity database are found to be not registered. Moreover, the address specified by these two websites is found to be a second floor parking garage of the building. In fact another independent group made an investigation and took a video of the actual site. WiseTranslations specified the address 1800 N. Kent Street #B1 Arlington, Virginia 22209. This address, specifically #B1 is the Engineering's Office of Plaza East Office Building. I personally spoke on two occasions to a staff found thereat.

This was how it ALL was before changes were made early this year. In addition, all of these websites are supposedly affiliates of Universal Research LLC but there is no document that was ever submitted to the Virginia State of Corporation Commission that may contain any reference to these websites. None of these websites are registered as business entities in Virginia.

F. A New Entity—a Corporation Registered at the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Universal Research LLC registration was automatically cancelled on 31 December 2007 and a new corporation was formed and created. Universal Research Inc. was incorporated on 27 October 2008 under Corp ID 0701509-2 with registered agent Oleg Vorobev with address at 4114 Hamlin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia.

This address 4114 Hamlin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia based on Fairfax County Real Estate Tax Administration records however, is owned by Ermakov Valeri (Valeri is the first name and Ermakov is the surname based on a court record of a past case which I got hold of in my investigation bearing the same name) and with an additional owner Oleynik Mariya. This property has a single detached two-story single dwelling/patio house with MAP # 0442 03 0627 and acquired on 20 August 2008.

Sometime in November 2008, almost all the websites reflected a new 'Contact Us/Contacts' page by changing Universal Research LLC to Universal Research Incorporated (but retaining its old address at Plaza America) and on 13 January 2009, the old address at Plaza America was replaced by a new address,12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191. This is owned and leased out by REGUS PLC and per its advertisement; Suite 100 is a virtual office. In the middle of January 2009, a staff thereat verbally confirmed that Universal Research Inc. was leasing a mailbox located at Suite 100. (as shown in # 12 of the link).Sadly, after this publication I noticed that this advertisement was modified. Thus, it no longer appears clearly that this is a virtual office. However I offer as proof, the following offices, i.e. CKA, LLC; Centruy 21 Spring Realty; Advantis-Officing Solutions Worldwide & Alliance; Our Plane Corp. all found at Suite 100. The management of Sunrise Valley is reluctant now to re-confirm that Universal Research Inc. merely leased a mailbox at Suite 100 notwithstanding the fact that after 14 January 2009, a staff thereat during a phone conversation, confirmed this fact. I researched for a new link to depict Suite 100 as a virtual office and found this: third picture retained its old address at Herndon, Va. and for, two corporate addresses are specified, i.e. 4114 Hamilin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia (US address) and at 19 Cardinal Avenue Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1EN, United Kingdom (UK address). It should be stressed that the corporate name reflected on the website of killer-content is for US State of Virginia approved LLC, U
niversal Research Inc with US address at 4114 Hamlin AND NOT Universal Research Inc. Limited. This Universal Research Inc. Ltd was registered in UK under 19 Cardinal Avenue Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1EN, United Kingdom (UK address). Therefore killer-content's designation of the US address for a UK limited company is misleading.

Also, the website now specifies the UK address of 19 Cardinal Avenue, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1EN but does not specify any reference to Universal Research Inc. or Universal Research Inc Ltd. Or any company for that matter. (relatively a newly created website)on the other hand, specifies its address at Nor
th Fort Myer Dr. Arlington, Va 22209 and with phone number 703-621-7265. It does not specify the company to which the website is affiliated with but the address specified is a modified and recycled address of BestDissertation and BestTermPaper before and with the same phone number as may be seen in a few of the press releases issued byBestDissertation and BestTermPaper. has an IP address of Almost all of the websites fall within the range6 -, with the exception of ( and ( and the others: Superiorpapers; BestEssays; BestTermPaper; RushEssays; BestDissertation; DissertationExpert; WiseTranslations; Killer-Content; ResumesExpert;; ResumesPlanet; BestEssayTips; Universal; and

Making a Mockery of the Laws. The Code of Virginia, specifically Section 13.1-1015 requires that "the location of the registered office must be identical to the business office of the registered agent." This registered office should include a street and number. A post office mailbox therefore is NOT allowed except in cases where the town or city have a population of 2,000 or less. The population of Reston, Virginia in 2007 is 59,774 people. The legal requirements are clearly stated at the dorsal portion of the FORM LLC 1011. This form which is denominated as Articles of Organization of a Domestic Limited Liability Company, must be filled out upon applying for registration of the domestic limited liability company. It further requires the name of the county or independent city in which the office is physically located must be stated. This was the Form filled out by Olga Mizyuk when
she applied for the approval of registration of the defunct Universal Research LLC. Pursuant to Sections 13.1 -1002 and 13.1 - 1028 of the Code of Virginia, "The principal office is the office where the principal executive offices of the limited liability company are located." It further requires that the principal office must be a place where a current list of the full name and last known address of each member of the limited liability company, as well as the other limited liability company information and records specified in § 13.1-1028 of the Code of Virginia.

The address, 11654 Plaza America Drive # 365 Reston, Virginia 20190 of the defunct Universal Research LLC. T is NOT a real offic
e as contemplated by the law. This is the UPS Store at Reston, Virginia and #365 is a mail box as shown in this link. Sometime in the past, I personally called their phone number and confirmed from the staff that it is truly UPS Store and #365 is a mail box leased out to Universal Research LLC—Yuri Mizyuk. There are also photographs and videos posted at the World Wide Web by concerned citizens who also investigated the issue of physical address of Universal Research LLC. From 2006 up to December of last year and in the spate of growing number of people conducting their own investigation and of alarming complaints on the web, not one government staff or officer took official notice.

There is a legal precept: 'Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat' Ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone from compliance therewith. Olga Mizyuk must be charged with the knowledge of the law and the legal requirements for registration of LLC. When she filled out and signed the Form denominated as 'Articles of Organization of a Domestic Limited Liability Company,' the provisions of law reciting the legal requirements in designating a principal registered office are specified succinctly at the dorsal portion thereof. Thus, she cannot deny knowing of said requirements nor plead ignorance thereof. In the same way, Oleg Vorobev7 who signed and submitted for incorporation, Universal Research Inc. should have known that the law requires that "the location of the registered office must be identical to the business office of the registered agent."The principal office address that he registered is 4114 Hamlin Avenue, Chantilly Virginia. This is a residence registered under the names of Ermakov Valeri and Oleynik Mariya. Based on verification from Fairfax County, Business Section, there is no business license issued to Universal Research Inc. in said residential address as evidenced by a series of correspondences with the Fairfax County Business Section officials. The very link of Fairfax County on real estate tax administration shows a tab for 'commercial.' The page when one clicks on 'commercial' shows nothing which means that the property is classified as residential and is taxed as such. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor for a person to sign a document to be delivered to the Virginia State of Corporation Commission, knowing that there is falsity on any material aspect (See § 13.1-1006 of the Code of Virginia).

When press releases
and articles were published late last December 2008 and early January 2009 exposing to the public the truth that the principal office is a mere mail box and that other office addresses of the pertinent websites are bogus, Universal Research Inc. immediately on 13-14 January 2008, modified all of its websites to reflect a new address at 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191 which may be construed as a reaction to cover up and as avoidance from being discovered by a still growing multitude of private citizens not only of the US but of a few countries whose citizens had been affected and are still being negatively affected. Moreover, the change in address can also be construed as affording an opportunity to create a new image for the new company, Universal Research Inc. This change was, however rendered useless considering that it had been discovered just a few days from the day the new office was specified on the websites—that the new address is merely another mail box located in a virtual office or Suite 100.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that a new corporation, Universal Research Inc. was created without any reference to the defunct Universal Research LLC. and during even after the automatic cancellation of its registration, these websites CONTINUED to operate and conduct its business as if no cancellation ever took place and STILL continued thereafter with their (websites) respective business operations at the time of approval of the incorporation of Universal Research Inc. and henceforth until the present time.

(To be continued)

1Business Entity Search, Nevada Secretary of State website at OR go to enter the name of entity 2-pay-secure then you will be promp ted to the page showing the entities, click on the name. Please refer to: // for the full images.
Please refer to: // for the full images.
Others list it as 26 more. Please see∧[]=Yuri+Mizyuk∧[]=¬[]=¬[]=
Domain dossier is ac cessed by using w or whois website.
The number of images allowed by Associated Content to be posted with every article is limited. Thus, other images had to be posted at
Domain dossier is verified from www or whois domain registry.
Based on listings, a certain Oleg Vorobev is residing in Virginia, specifically at an apartment located along Lee Highway Fairfax and not at Chantilly. This Vorobev is engaged in selling second hand luxury cars like Audi, Porsche, etc.
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Nota bene: Images are watermarked.

Additional Images

Universal Research LLC Agent Inquiry
from the Virginia
State of Corporation Commission

Universal Research LLC Data Inquiry Registered by the State of Virginia Corporation Commission

Universal Research LLC Activity Inquiry
No Activity

Automatic Cancellation of registration on 31 December 2007 by the Virginia State of Corporation Commission

The 'resurrected' Universal
Research Inc. registration on 27 October 2008 with registered agent Oleg Vorobev

Resident Agent Inquiry--Oleg Vorobev with registered address at 4114 Hamlin, Chantilly, Fairfax County, Va. 20151

4114 Hamlin, Chantilly, Fairfax County, Va. 20151 is registered to Valeri Ermakov. A friend to Yuriy Yur 'yevich Mizyuk? Ermakov is less than a year older.

1361 Icy Brook dr., Herndon, Va., 200170 is the office address specified by EssayWriters dot net on its website but it is registered as a residence and registered under the name of Victor Guevarra. EssayWriters has been in operation since January of 2005 and registered in the name of Yuri Mizyuk per its domain dossier. It has not been registered at all as a business entity in the State of Virginia.

This image is from the Internet Archives. EssayWriters dot net used to post its UK address but this address is actually the Senate House Library for the University of London.


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