The Web Kingdom of Lies is Further Poked with the Light of Truth: Of Logos, Plastic Card, and “Mighty Recyclable” Essays.

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Mr. Fraud is Caught Up in His Own Web of Lies, Deception and Propaganda.

Fifth of the Series.

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This article is not the 'clincher' yet. Let us grant more agonizing time for those who are in a frenzied state to "dig deeper holes for themselves" and produce "more ropes to hang their necks" with.

FIGURE 1: Domain Dossier of

FIGURE 2: From the Leasing Company of 590 Madison Avenue, New York

FIGURE 3: From HQ Global WorkPlaces (21st Floor of 590 Madison Avenue, N.Y.)

FIGURES 4 & 5: Ordering from SuperiorPapers--An Experiment. See notations.

Additional Evidence

FIGURE 6: Shows the new address specified on the 'Contacts' pages of the respective notorious essay writing and research websites for Universal Research Inc. (Va-U.S.), 1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100, Reston, Virginia 20191 is a virtual office.

The IP address has been actively promoting BestEssays and MightyStudents dot com under the names "Dale" and "John." The IP address per domain dossier belongs to Global Ukraine Trade, Inc./GUTRADE.KIEV.UA (or name) located in Kiev, Ukraine. Is this IP address th e ONE for the "headquarters" in Ukraine?

Domain Dossier of
Global Ukraine Trade, Inc./GUTRADE.KIEV.UA (or U name)
IP address

Domain dossier of MightyStudents dot com. This website is a databank where all of the ess ays written by the writers of EssaywWriters dot net and Writers dot ph can be found. The essays are dow nloadable for its members for a fee of $40.95. These essay s were previously written based on the instructions of customers and have been sent and sold already in the past.

("old" Terms of Purchase of SuperiorPapers)

(Old Terms of Purchase of BestTermPaper)

(old terms of purchase of BestEssays)

(old terms of BestDissertation)

(Pages for Terms blocked by owner of the alleged fraudulent websites to
cover-up any discovery)

FIGURES 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15.
The 'terms and
conditions' (as in some cases were contained in a 'disclaimer') is the binding law between the parties, i.e. customer and the website/company at the time when the order for a research paper or essay was made and onwards.

The terms and conditions/disclaimer of these pertinent websites were MODIFIED and AMENDED in the early 2009 as to reflect among others, "
Intellectual property is owned by the company and the customer has the exclusive permission and right to use the paper however they wish for 6 months. After the 6 month term period has passed the company retains all rights of the paper" This stipulation/proviso should be PROSPECTIVELY APPLIED to incoming/present and future customers of 2009. Rights of former customers have already accrued.
A verification of the domain dossier of Mighty Students reveal that it was registered in the year 2000. Thus, essays placed in the databank from 2000 to 2008 are the very same essays ordered and paid for by customers under the 'old' terms and conditions. In the year 2000 to 2008, the 'old' terms and conditions prevailed thus, customers who ordered essays until late 2008 are not INFORMED that they are ordering and purchasing essays that would be placed in a databank of MightyStudents. It is clandestine and at the very least, unfair for those who paid hefty amounts THINKING and BELIEVING based on the 'old' terms and conditions (terms of purchase) that the paper they ordered and paid for Unconditionally belonged to them.

And if this ISSUE was not raised NOW, the alleged deception would slip unnoticed again to the prejudice of customers and even of writers.

It was anticipated that 'contacts' pages, the other elements of the pertinent websites, including terms and conditions will change at whim so all of them including the terms and conditions were submitted and affirmed before the different authorities BEFORE and AFTER changes have been made. Moreover, internet archives is not the only source of 'reference' or evidence, so one can block everything to his heart's desire by using robot.txt.file.

Hypothetically, if A is a movie producer and hires B to contract with musicians to write a movie theme song for A's movie. A pays for it for $ 5M and signs a contract referring to A's ownership in general of the music piece. After perfection and consummation of the contract but as an after thought of B; B resells the music piece but with a condition that should one decide to use it--B would revise its tempo and lyrics. Is that not absurd?(updated 30 April 2009).


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