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>> Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes Virginia, Mr. Fraud Spins His Web Overseas! (Fourth of the Series)


FIGURE 1: dot uk address specified on the website as Unit 2 15-17 Caledonian Road P.O. Box 168 London N1 DX UK was not even leased to Universal Research Inc. Ltd. or Yuriy Mizyuk or BestEssays dot co dot uk or Universal Research Inc.

FIGURE 2: Web Screen shot of the 'Contacts' Page of Killer-Content dot com taken in November 2008. (Subject to Disclaimer as stated in the article)

FIGURE 3: Image of 'Contacts' Page of Killer-Content dot com from the Way Back Machine-entry dated 19 December 2007.
(Subject to Disclaimer as stated in the article).

FIGURE 4 shows a 'google' listing with the name of Phyllis Miller and address listed. Miller is connected with Millano Ltd. She resigned as secretary for Universal Research Inc. Ltd. after three months from incorporation.

FIGURE 5 The address seems to have an alarming history and incidence for credit card fraud based on Google Search listing.

FIGURES 6 and 7: This website provided"credit card processing, software equipment and merchant accounts."Sometime in 2006, it branched out to offshore investment in Cyprus.

FIGURE 8 is a web screen shot of a scanned copy of its Certificate of Incorporation.

Based on the incorporation approved by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, the registered office is at 24/F Pacific Star Building, Makati, Philippines. Uniwork, Inc. is not located thereat. FIGURES 9, 10 and 11 show Pacific Star Building and its wall directory.

FIGURE 12: Google search list showing that Uniwork, Inc. is a Ukrainian company. In the middle of December 2008, the law office website was amended to delete this information. I have copies of the cached version when this was deleted after Christmas of 2008. Before and after the modification, the evidence were submitted to the proper authorities.

FIGURE 13: Incorporation papers of Uniwork, Inc. as approved by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. These are considered public documents under Philippine law.

FIGURE 14: Part of the incorporation papers of Uniwork, Inc. showing the incorporators and their share of capitalisation.

FIGURE 15: Part of the incorporation papers of Uniwork, Inc. approved by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

FIGURE 16: Universal Research Inc. Ltd.

A Summary of BestEssays dot co dot UK.

See notations.
(updated 27 April 2009)


UPDATE 1: The domain registrations of the different websites per domain dossiers have been reassigned per 'Net WhoIs' record to Uniwork, Inc.
UPDATE 2: BestEssays and SuperiorPapers have modified their respective 'contacts' pages to reflect a new address at 1900 Campus Commons Drive Suite 100 Reston, Va from 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191.
1900 Campus Commons Drive Suite 100 Reston, Va is another virtual office.
UPDATE 3: EssayOnTime's domain is registered under Authentic Writers Group-John Lewis of 1930 Harrison Street Hollywood, FL 33020 US. With IP address on 17 September 2005 and was reassigned to Uniwork, Inc. on 19 November 2008 net range: - per domain dossier.
Its postal address is at 3400 Peachtree Road, Northeast, Suite 1200 Atlanta Georgia 30326. While its postal address states it is EssayOntime LLC., at bottom at the copyright area of the website, it states EssayOnTime Incorporated--something very basic even for a law student that an incorporated cannot be LLC.

FIGURE 17: EssayOnTime (LLC or Inc) is not registered before the Georgia
Secretary of State. Not also an entity found in the address stated per Google listing.

MORE evidence shall be posted.


Anonymous Mon Apr 25, 02:09:00 AM 2011  

I am so glad to have come across with this page. Gosh!...I just hope Uniwork pays me since asiawriterscom isn't paying me for the valuable services I honestly rendered for the sake of the clients.

It was too late when I realized that was a big SCAM!

Anyway, I have to wait for my payment...I can always go VIRAL if this fraudulent entities do not pay me. Twitter will do the best aside from all other existing social networking sites I belong.

Clients and writers are given justice when scammers are exposed!

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