Untangling Another Web of 'Universal' Lies: BestEssays.co.uk

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Obfuscation and Misrepresentation of Facts.
Sixth of the Series

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FIGURE 1: BestEssays.co.uk's old address

FIGURE 2: But according to Interpostbox, #168 was not occupied and therefore not leased to anyone.

FIGURE 3: Domain Dossier of BestEssays.co.uk, NetWhoIs reassigned on 22 April 2009 to Universal Research Inc. of Virginia, U.S.

FIGURE 4: The new address of BestEssays.co.uk after the exposition.

FIGURE 5: The new address, 154 W. Marketgait Dundee DD1
1NJ UK is the Dundee Central Travelodge per advertisement of ebookers.

FIGURE 6: Confirmed by the City Government of Dundee.

*The rationale for the UK Trading Disclosure Regulations of requiring the name of the Company to which a website operates under; the Company registration; etc. is to fully inform the public or those transacting business with the website, of the defined rights and liabilities of parties as granted and prescribed by the pertinent laws. Thus, any party who may allege having sustained injury to his rights is readily afforded remedies to clearly seek redress based on the substantive and procedural mechanism accorded to him by law. In this particular case, a dotUK in the domain as well as a UK address specified on the Contacts Page would mislead the public into thinking that they are dealing with a UK entity. BestEssays.co.uk is not a registered company under the UK Companies House as of the time of this writing. Who would go to the far extent of verifying the Domain Dossier? Very few if none at all.
The domain was reassigned on 22 April 2009 to Universal Research Inc. , Va, US registered domestic corporation.
*Another rationale for requiring specification of the name of company and its registration on the website is for TAXATION purposes. Is BestEssays.co.uk a subsidiary or a branch of Universal Research Inc. Moreover, the truthful indication of an ACTUAL OFFICE ADDRESS is required also for tax purposes, i.e. local/city taxes, and the interplay of the two tax jurisdictions--US and UK.

So is it time again to modify the "Contact us/Contacts" page of the website? Time again to block internet archives with robot.txt.file and what about domain history? It has become very clear already. Truth is everywhere.


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