Alleged Change of Ownership is But Another Propaganda

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Regarding the unconfirmed transfer of ownership of EssayWriters from Mizyuk to another is in my opinion, propaganda—a tactic to take the “heat off the kitchen, to take the steam off his business and off of himself.” From how I see it, he seems to be “in the way” of his own business operations because of the manner by which he operated it and the truth that slowly is unfolding.

Sale involves transfer of ownership which in many legal jurisdictions, is considered as taxable. Perhaps he can present or display on his websites, the tax official receipts—maybe then I will think about giving it some thought. Besides, all these websites operated and continued business even after the cancellation of the LLC registration of Universal Research LLC in 2007. A change/modification of contacts pages of each of the website was made from Universal Research LLC to Universal Research Inc. in the early 2009 while domain registrations of most if not all of these websites were reassigned to Uniwork, Inc. (a 99.99% Mizyuk company) in November of 2008 before it was reassigned to Universal Research Inc. on 22 April 2009. On top of all of that, when one orders from any of the commercial websites--you authorize Universal Research Inc. Ltd to charge your credit card and billing is provided also by Universal Research Inc. Ltd. (A UK registered Mizyuk company). So what does that tell you?It seems ownership transfers are just limited to modifications made on Contacts pages and domain registries which involve forms. I have YET to see something specified on any of the corporate documents submitted to the different government departments or agencies of the different countries.

In simple terms, Universal Research LLC is Mizyuk company; Universal Research Inc. Ltd is Mizyuk company; Uniwork, Inc. is also Mizyuk company; Universal Research Inc. is Vorobev-2,000 shares company--company name appearing on almost all the websites' contacts pages and domain dossiers but income from all these websites is handled by Universal Research Inc. Ltd--a Mizyuk company; right Vika? (for Victoria). Would it be incorrect to say that even Universal Research Inc. is also a Mizyuk company he just could not put his name on corporate documents filed in the US for a profound reason?

And the icing on the cake--based on corporate documents, these companies are not overseas branches/offices of one to the others. They are just independent and separate and supposedly 'distinct' entities.

(My special thanks to the Inland Revenue of UK for the official communication).


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