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>> Monday, June 1, 2009

Democracy . . .

Legal process takes time because we live in a democracy. We all abide by the laws of our respective countries and afford deference and respect to others'. We use the same laws to ferret the truth and bring the transgressors to face the full force of the law.

Justice in truth takes time especially when the alleged fraud and the unlawful and felonious acts have traversed the different territorial boundaries of countries; the victims are in multitude and very few simply decided to bear their loss. Unmindful of the fact that by doing this we tolerate the fraud and when we do, more are victimized--more are deceived. We bring misfortune to others and allow the transgressors to render our laws, a mockery.

US DOJ charged eleven people just last year for a fraud that began in 2005. The international credit card fraud ring was busted with two servers found in Ukraine and Latvia containing millions of credit card numbers. It was only in April of this year that Lazarenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine was re sentenced for money laundering, wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property.

Everything takes time--even the fraud took time to thrive and grow BUT all in God's time--justice shall definitely be served by the different countries as active coordination have been made so that TRUTH can prevail.

My gratitude also to the FBI.


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