Essay Writing Websites and the Future of America

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Press releases and articles have saturated the PR websites before the Christmas break as one last ditch effort to attract students to patronize essay writing websites like, and more. A dilemma presented is the time which students have to divide between spending it with family and complying with their academic requirements. It promises a short cut for the website to do the student’s paper thus sparing the student from “the tendency to feel unbearable stress and end up with a substandard term paper.”

This clearly is a fallacy of logic, an appeal to the perceived weakness of students and the perceived tendency to take the road to least resistance. Any intelligent person would immediately conclude that these websites attack students with a sugar-coated insult just to make an extra buck for its profit. It conditions the mind of the student to the fact that, “here we offer an easy way out.” But are we going to mold and grow a generation of weak individuals who would take an easy way out when presented a dilemma between equally pressing responsibilities? Are we not taught in school to learn how to prioritize and manage time?These websites have gone on massive PR campaign using its team of outsourced staff in the Philippines to write these materials. But has anyone asked where this team of ghost writers learned the responsibilities of compliance with the demands of employment. Surely, there were no such websites in their country. Like everyone who is worth their lot in being responsible students, they would not fall for the bait of an easy way out because these websites are not available to do one’s work during employment after academic life.

The websites seek to impress everyone of its access to a library of academic resources. Well, who has the most direct access to academic resources than the students themselves? And is it not that these students who avail the services of these websites are the very ones who supply these websites their ID and password to online libraries of their schools and universities? The terms of service of Questia online library is very clear—it cannot be used for commercial purposes. Are we not growing and molding the future leaders of the country to become cheats and less learned than what they should be. Five to ten years from now, they will the very ones to vote or be voted. Would the owners of these websites care when they hail from a country known for its political turmoil?Besides, the business is believed to be founded on a lie as to its actual presence on American soil.


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